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an oily organic compound insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents

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At their regular monthly meeting on November 9, 1925, the following was covered: some observations on the relation of chemical constitution to biologic specificity, Gaucher disease and lipoid histiocytosis, anomaly and aneurysm of the circle of Willis, and the splanchnoperipheral leukocyte balance.
As was said before vegetable oil is mainly mixture of triglyceride esters of fatty acids, a few but various lipoids, and free fatty acids.
The peat provides a natural source of essential oils, fatty acids and lipoids which have to be artificially added to most cosmetics.
The description by Selye in 1936 of these three phases deserves being retold in 2008: This syndrome develops in three stages: during the first stage, 6-48 hours after the initial injury, one observes rapid decrease in size of the thymus, spleen, lymph glands, and liver; disappearance of fat tissue; edema formation, especially in the thymus and loose retroperitoneal connective tissue; accumulation of pleural and peritoneal transudate; loss of muscular tone; fall of body temperature; formation of acute erosions in the digestive tract, particularly in the stomach, small intestine, and appendix; loss of cortical lipoids and chromaffin substances from the adrenals; and sometimes hyperemia of the skin, exophthalmos, [and] increased lachrymation and salivation.
Glicoinuvit effect on lipoid metabolism was studied in comparison with lipoic acid in separate series of experiments.