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Synonyms for lipless

without a lip or lips



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Fashioned to resemble a human skull, oval in form with thick walls, the reverse concave, the cut-out eyes with narrow ridges extending up from their outer corners over the temples, raised cheekbones below with a ridge extending back, the slender triangular nose with two grooves for the nostrils, the lipless oval mouth open, revealing teeth, with five biconical drill holes along the perimeter," reads a description of the 9,000-year-old mask on Christie's website.
Lipless boots are designed for direct attachment to connector threads, eliminating the adapter, thus saving space and weight.
Sinking crankbaits have traditionally been offered in two common styles: minnowbaits and lipless rattle-baits.
According to Morse, Nast's stock Irishman "is always pug-nosed, beetle-browed, and unshaven, with tiny, deep-set eyes and a wide, lipless mouth full of pointed teeth.
Under those eyes, a v-shaped, lipless mouth dripped saliva.
His picture of the jawless, lipless lamprey eel is particularly icky.
But I would rather have Brown standing up for British rights in Brussels than Cameron and his lipless tuck-shop chums.
And, although Kissing The Lipless, Turn A Square and final number, So Says I, were undeniable highlights, there should have been more.
Eliot, rather than Donne, is behind this--"breastless creatures underground/ Lie backward with a lipless grin"--but it is still authentically creepy.
He's puffing as if he'd been walking for miles instead of just a few feet, and his lipless mouth is stretched in a smile that shows all his metal fillings.
Type 2 (hereafter, TT 2) "is a large bowl with a knobbed or short everted rim instead of the usual lipless rim and, sometimes, a slightly incurving upper body" (Fig.
Before the 15-hour surgery in Amiens on November 27, her lipless gums and teeth were permanently exposed, and most of her nose was missing.
Chutes Too Narrow leads off with "Kissing the Lipless," spare handclaps and two acoustic guitars churning tentatively before blasting into high octane rock and back, "You tested your metal of doe's skin and petals while kissing lipless who bleed all the sweetness away.
Those we see headless, limbless, noseless, lipless when we blink.