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an oily organic compound insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents

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The occurrence of oxalate, as degradation products, and of a lipidic component, as retouching materials, hides the fundamental modes of the phosphate group of the bone black pigment.
The meiboscore also indicates the thickness of the lipidic layer of the tear film [28], with a higher meiboscore corresponding to a thinner lipidic layer and consequent tear film instability.
Prevalence of metilentetrahidrofolate reductase C677T polymorphism, consumption of vitamins B6, B9, B12 and determination of lipidic hydroperoxides in obese and normal weight Mexican population.Nutr Hosp.
Health-promoting properties of artichoke in preventing cardiovascular disease by its lipidic and glycemic-reducing action.
In natural conditions, cannabinoid receptors are activated principally by endocannabinoids, a group of molecules of a lipidic nature.
Antifouling Activity of Lipidic Metabolites Derived from Padina tetrastromatica.
Abnormalities in lipidic values such as high LDL-C and TG and HDL-C favor the establishment of atherosclerosis which is a major promoter of diseases such as cardiovascular disease which is the leading cause of death worldwide [1, 36].
They are produced as mixtures of components varying in their peptidic and/or lipidic structure including homologous and isoform series, which differ in the length and branching of the fatty acid side chains and the amino acid substitutions in the peptide rings, respectively [7].
Its lipidic fraction is basically composed of tocopherol and oils with predominance of oleic and palmitic fatty acids, which help in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (Manhaes, 2007; Barreto et al., 2009).
However, it is worth noticing that, in different areas, lipidic substances have been also identified.
Nanosized carriers of very diverse composition are being actively investigated, including metallic, polymeric, ceramic, and lipidic nanoparticles and also hybrid systems by combining such materials [4, 5].
In some aliquots (for the assay of F2-IsoPs), BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) was added to inhibit the lipidic peroxidation in vitro.