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Apesar de caes possuirem uma menor predisposicao a formacao das placas, existem alguns fatores que podem induzir a aterosclerose nesta especie, como a hipercolesterolemia, a lipidemia, o hipotiroidismo e a diabetes (8,9,10).
But for these diagnoses, especially lipidemia, the favorable results may reflect the treatment for the diagnoses, for example, use of statins, rather than the diagnosis itself.
Decreased values are always associated with hyperthyroidism and the condition generally called hypo lipidemia.
Defective triglyceride removal in lipidemia associated with peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis.
Advocacy by the scientific community to resist the onset of insidious illnesses such as obesity, lipidemia, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, even excessive sunlight, has led most citizens in the advanced nations to be aware of the risk and the need to alter their behaviors and life styles.
Furthermore, a high dairy calcium intake attenuates postprandial lipidemia (39).
Because lipidemia is closely related to the progression of cardiovascular disease, a highly prevalent problem in patients with IDDM, lipid-lowering agents are recommended.
clotting, lipidemia, high glucose, bilirubin level)?
Increased lipidemia may enhance the progression of renal disease in children with some residual renal function (Querfield, 1993).
The potential of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) as a functional food and nutraceutical and its effects on glycemia and lipidemia.
the chemical analysis of individual POPs); chemical mixtures identifying relevant tissue targets; biological mechanisms that lead to obesity, insulin resistance, lipidemia, and diabetes; and the influence of genetic variation among animal models.
The main point of our study is that physicians caring for patients with psoriasis should be more aware of possible cardiovascular disease risk" and "make sure that lifestyle changes occur, and that they screen for hypertension and lipidemia.