lip synchronization

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combining audio and video recording in such a way that the sound is perfectly synchronized with the action that produced it

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LG U+ is a long-standing SPIRIT customer who has come to rely on our proven and highly optimized, mobile engine technology to handle voice and video processing and mitigate standard mobile VVoIP call quality issues, including Android device tuning, cancelling acoustic echo, network delays, jitter, lip synchronization and packet loss," said SPIRIT's Chairman Andrew Sviridenko.
SPIRIT's TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Mobile enables HD-quality voice and video communications on a broad range of mobile devices, addressing all impairments inherent with IP networks - such as congestion, echo, noise suppression, latency, delay (jitter), packet loss, lip synchronization, etc.
Special video and voice functions enhance the user experience in a video conference environment, including adaptive jitter buffer, lip synchronization, acoustic echo cancellation and voice activation detection while a 5ms response rate assures users of motion clarity with reduced blurring.
VenueGen users' avatars will be recognizable on sight complete with facial expressions and lip synchronization.
The DTG 2000 multimedia gateway incorporates several patent pending technologies including Dilithium Networks' Unicoding(TM) technology for fast efficient transcoding, resulting in better lip synchronization.
The accuracy that 3Dmsg lip synchronization provides will enable the development of products not just for fun, but for communications, and language learning as well.
Using highly integrated devices, the platform provides a powerful PowerPC405 core, high-density memories, and a fast 100 MBits Ethernet interface, along with hardware decoding of video and audio streams including lip synchronization.