lip service

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an expression of agreement that is not supported by real conviction

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Believers are just as prone to give lip service whenever their actions betray what they speak or what they believe in.
"The Prime Minister's statement is mere lip service. As long as an animal has a higher premium, killings of human beings will continue.
THE Olympic Torch Relay has degenerated into a glorified circus paying lip service to all the public outside London in an effort to engage those who see the Olympics as a London event.
But UK fans of the 36-yearold Lip Service star will not see her in the show.
Columnist Daoud al-Shiryan of the pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT stated on Thursday that France only pays "lip service" to Arabs on the issue of the Middle East peace process.
But a document worthy of lip service only will benefit no one.
In a world where celebrities are raiding African orphanages for trophy kids or paying lip service to political and religious causes, how refreshing to see a young actress make a real difference..
Unfortunately, lip service is found in religious circles, too.
Investors in People said its study showed some employers were paying lip service to the health of their staff.
The publicly avowed policies of the administration to enforce border security are nothing but lip service designed to deceive the gullible.
While western leaders give passionate lip service about shifting from fossil fuels to more 'green' alternatives, the former Great Lakes Forestry Centre (GLFC) researcher is poised to introduce a machine that gives the consumer a measure of independence from Big Oil.
"The diamond industry is paying little more than lip service to the system of self-regulation launched three years ago," says Corinna Gilfillan of Global Witness.
We will no longer be satisfied with table scraps and lip service.
Let's hope some of the well-offs can pay his pounds 70,000 fine and bring him home or maybe instead of lip service someone could start a fund soon.