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speak spontaneously and without restraint

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For some block types an alternative to knocking the lip off is to turn the bottom course upside down and backward for the base only.
A DRUNKEN reveller yesterday escaped jail after admitting biting a man's lip off in a bar brawl.
Trailing by a stroke, Mickelson sent his approach at the 17th hole off a grandstand, made a stunning chip to two-feet but then blew a par-putt, pushing it left and watching it lip off the left edge.
I also trimmed part of the bottom lip off the bucket, between the ribs, in four places, to let the juice flow better.
Cut part of the lip off the bottom of the food storage bucket to fatten it, then use silicone to glue the two pieces together.
DIGNITY LYRICS BY RICKY ROSS There's a man I meet, walks up our street He's a worker for the council, has been twenty years And he takes no lip off nobody and litter off the gutter Puts it in a bag and never thinks to mutter And he packs his lunch in a Sunblest bag, the children call him Bogie He never lets on, but I know 'cause he once told me He let me know a secret, about the money in his kitty He's gonna buy a dinghy, gonna call her Dignity And I'll sail her up the west coast, through villages and towns I'll be on my holidays, they'll be doing their rounds They'll ask me how I got her, I'll say, "I saved my money" They'll say, "Isn't she pretty, that ship called Dignity?