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However, another white lion cub born in the park was later named Leo, said officials.
The State Inspectorate for Environmental and Technical Safety reported that Head of the Bugu Ene public foundation Saltanat Seitova reported about the lion cub to the employees of the Inspectorate.
I always wanted five animals and decided to get a lion as the last one, and I have a son so I'm getting a lion cub to go with the lion.
Clockwise from top left) Namibian game keeper Stuart Crawford gets to know four lion cubs born at the park; playful lemurs get a piggyback in their new walk-through forest attraction; Storm, a-month-old bactrian camel calf with her mother Jess; two-monthold tiger cubs; and Katie the baby porcupine who is named after her keeper Katie Such (pictured)
Lions could die out in the wild within a decade, Tony warns and Martin joins him as they excitedly collect the first lion cub - a really handsome little chap called Mugie who will be the camp's first resident.
Summary: A rare Asiatic lion cub, whose species is endangered with only about 350 in the .
KAYSERy (CyHAN)- Hilal, A lovely baby lion cub is being fed with nursing bottle and wears child diapers.
HE'S the Catholic church's mane man and here Pope Benedict shows his wild side by stroking a lion cub.
Caption: AGGRESSIVE -- The Tehran Fire Department faced a different kind of heat last week as they were called on to capture a lion cub that had wandered out of the mountains into a residential area in the north of the city near Lavizan.
Summary: The recent rescue of a lion cub from a Downtown Beirut balcony highlights the growing need for regional protection of endangered animals.
Canberra, July 16 (ANI): Australian batsman David Warner experienced an unexpected adrenalin rush as he as he cuddled up to a lion cub at a Zimbabwean game park.
But the lion cub died last month, drawing attention from local and international animal protection societies.
In 1969, Australians John Rendall and Ace Berg bought a lion cub from Harrods and hand-reared it in Chelsea.
THE parents of gun victim Rhys Jones yesterday adopted a lion cub dedicated to his memory at Chester Zoo.
From loon chicks hitching a piggyback ride, to a kangaroo joey in its mother's pocket, to a lion cub carried by the scruff of its neck, each picture shows a different mode of travel--as opposed to human toddlers, who can move about on a bike or a wagon