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a fastener that serves to join or connect

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Deal Linkup is a new tech start-up based and head quarters in Sydney Australia but the service is global focusing on major trading hubs: Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, UK and the US.
MetroPaint will work with LinkUp to begin collecting and selling its 100-percent recycled paint in King County.
Currently, 18 businesses in King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties participate in LinkUp.
The Linkup is sponsoring The Farm and is supporting it through private fundraising.
BDE TF EN CO * Identify all OST * Provide a * Coordinate linkup coordinating standard OST with supported TF.
It is only the second time ever the large linkup prize has been won in South Wales.
Schuyler Rubber, Woodinville, WA, a manufacturer of laminated rubber marine fenders front recycled truck tires, is the newest partner in King County's LinkUp program.
A mechanized company commander needs to realize that after his battalion conducts the initial linkup, he will probably conduct his own linkup with his light infantry counterpart.
DPP officials have voiced confidence that a linkup of the DPP with the Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU) of former President Lee Teng-hui, also dubbed the ''pan-green'' camp, and pro-DPP lawmakers within the KMT would give the government a solid majority of 120 seats.
Nissan and Mitsubishi hope to gain synergies from the linkup, which will help them compete better and grow in a tough business worldwide.
France Telecom could reduce its stake in E-Plus through a linkup with a German partner, through the sale of shares to financial investors, through an E-Plus float or - if US firm BellSouth, which currently has 22.
Prism had been looking for a business partner and called for a capital linkup with KDD America, which was planning collaboration with a South Korean firm.
LinkUp Systems Corp, a San Jose, California-based system-on-silicon firm, is working with LG Semicon Co on a version of the ARM chip optimized for Windows CE.
Linkup - the Learning for Improvement Network through Understanding Process - is being touted by organisers as "powerful stuff which is going to change the world".
How delighted they must have been, for example, when the Catholic keynote speaker at a 1992 meeting of Victims of Clergy Abuse Linkup called the occasion "a Wittenberg," in order to associate it with the site of Luther's protest against the "celibate/sexual system" of the Catholic church, then as now in need of "profound reformation.