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any pair of genes that tend to be transmitted together


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The distribution of AFLP markers was analyzed from 3 aspects: First, under the hypothesis that AFLP markers are randomly distributed over a linkage group, a Poisson distribution function was assumed with the average marker number per 10 cM interval ([mu]) as the expected mean (Saal & Wricke 2002).
Three clusters were found: two being located on linkage group 2 in male map and one on linkage group 6 in female map.
The multiple comparisons problem inherent in this many tests for epistasis was addressed by first calculating the effective number of independent tests for each linkage group (Cheverud 2000, Cheverud 2001).
Marker pairs were tested only for the 465 pairwise combinations of the 31 linkage groups because markers within linkage groups are associated.
oi] represents the observed length of the linkage group i, and [K.
However, the integration of linkage group 18 (INT_LG_18) remained problematic.
00 cM for the multiple and single linkage group models.
In all cases, the cumulative distance in centiMorgans from the topmost maker is given to the left of each linkage group.
Consistent with this alignment, genetic mapping of the human CHS locus in affected families localized it to 1q42-1q44 as part of a conserved linkage group shared with mouse chromosome 13 (80,81).
Two of the AT-rich cDNAs (ShIL1-21 and ShlL1-28) were polymorphic in parental stocks of mapping families, and linkage analysis placed ShIL1-21 in linkage group 14 of Shrimp Map whereas ShIL1-28 remained unlinked.
The average values of two linkage groups for each country are calculated and reported in Table 5.
The blueberry map currently comprises 12 linkage groups, which should represent the plant's 12 chromosomes.
These markers were mapped to 21 linkage groups on 20 autosomal chromosomes, and chromosome 1 was segregated into 2 linkage groups (chromosome 1a, and 1b).