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All such partnership schemes and link-ups are to be welcomed, as they not only enrich the lives of a great many individuals but also help us promote our city abroad.
Corporate link-ups like this are vital to the long-term futures of events like the Urdd.
It is believed to be the first link-up of its kind at a Coventry school, delighting organiser and head of mathematics, Viv Maginnis.
NEW DEAL: Airlines are increasingly looking at route link-ups
Having used her performance art as a way to express herself and overcome social anxiety, she is now arranging link-ups between other pin-up artists, a network which she hopes to bring to the North East.
Perhaps missed his pals Lallana and Coutinho for link-ups.
Among the events planned are an NECC film, Gala Dinner, archive exhibitions, a world record attempt and link-ups with chambers from around the world.
Break-ups and link-ups: Now is the time, it seems for break-ups and link-ups in tinsel town.
The Western Mail understands the initial tranche of funding for the long-mooted scheme is not yet appropriated to specific programmes, but First Minister Carwyn Jones has previously said he wanted to increase the rail network's coverage of the east of Cardiff and links with Newport alongside greater link-ups with the Valleys.
To that end, industry-watchers expected a raft of improvements from the new Xbox when Microsoft unveiled it at its Washington headquarters yesterday, from closer integration with the TV and link-ups with mobile devices to access to new and even exclusive content.
The popular star chose an intimate ceremony - turning down magazine picture deals and celebrity link-ups.
More link-ups between police, councils and neighbourhood groups to fight the problem, especially with budgets being slashed across the board.
The event follows and draws upon a series of successful Skype link-ups which saw Acua Limited in regular communication with the former firefighter as a team made an assent of the Kala Patthar and Island Peak mountains in the Himalayas in September.
Live internet link-ups and mobile phones for emergency referrals and operations are planned.
It has previously announced link-ups with companies such as GMG Radio and Bauer Media, and it has also opened an office in New York.