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Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji have tied knot with producer-director Aditya Chopra, but the actress has her share of famous link ups.
'Worklessness' and a planned link up between one of Birmingham's city academies and a new high school in the deprived Chicago suburb of Austin, which specialises in manufacturing, are also on the agenda from the signed agreement.
Councillor Joe Clifford, chairman of Coventry's educational excellence policy team, said: ''I have been to Jinan myself as part of a trade delegation four years ago, and we did some work towards a school link up. I am really pleased it has happened and am really looking forward to the Jinan visit.''
Airdrie are set to link up with Premiership side Leeds and Livingston are hoping to to forge a relationship with Italian Serie A outfit Brescia.
Homeowner Diana Chappell reckoned she saved pounds 900 after signing with a company called Link Up Properties Nationwide.