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a piece of cloth that is used as the inside surface of a garment

providing something with a surface of a different material

the act of attaching an inside lining (to a garment or curtain etc

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The coach jacket comes in six different color combinations, the trainer and scout jackets come in eight solid colors, and a matching pant comes in a taffeta crinkle with mesh and taffeta lining and seven different color.
Adidas offers a full line of women's wear, including bra tops, shorts, and mini shorts of cotton/spandex with CoolMax/Lycra linings.
In the case of gray iron, the lining of the furnaces would last for about 10-16 weeks before they had to be replaced due to bottom lining wear.
The lining wear profile, which resembled an elephant's foot, suggested that whatever causes the wear is selective to the lower part of the furnace.
Rhino Linings is without a doubt the leading sprayed-on truck bed lining company in the world today," says Bill Edmett Jr.
In addition to providing support for the existing Great Plains installation, SCG will be working with Rhino Linings to develop and deploy additional strategic MBS solutions.
Most melt managers have the same problems today that they had 10-20 years ago - they must keep their molding lines supplied with quality metal while working to improve kilowatt-hour per ton melted and maximize the lining life vs.
Workers in an induction-melting foundry were faced with a furnace lining problem.
The three new Abex linings, manufactured in Federal-Mogul's QS9000-certified facilities, include an advanced semi-metallic combination block ideally suited to demanding applications; an OEM-approved severe-duty lining engineered for fire trucks and other high-axle-load applications; and a high-performance semi-metallic lining that ensures superior fade resistance and recovery performance in high-temperature operating environments.
Assuring that the furnace lining remains safely within manufacturer-specified limits requires careful treatment of the lining during all furnace operations as well as comprehensive inspection and monitoring procedures.
For protection in the rain and snow, Timberland, for the first time, is offering two new models with a moisture-wicking Gore-Tex fabric lining.
When inductor runouts persist, however, foundrymen must determine: "Is the source of the problem the refractory lining or the equipment?
If furnace operators can identify the specific mode of failure for every refractory campaign, they can identify and eliminate those adverse conditions for maximized lining life.
The intent of this article is to provide a relative comparison of the most common lining designs for a 30-ton vertical channel induction furnace that will minimize heat loss and maximize refractory performance.
The castable lining was resistant to mechanical abuse but had low thermal shock resistance.