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a medicinal liquid that is rubbed into the skin to relieve muscular stiffness and pain


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This randomized, double-blind, parallel groups, non-inferiority trial was conducted to compare the efficacy and safety of Artemisia absinthium ointment and liniment versus piroxicam gel.
Consider making your own liniment to warm and relax joints and muscles, increase circulation, relieve inflammation, improve flexibility, and speed healing.
They loved nothing more than the smell of fresh air, liniment and horse manure.
Seeing as how it took years to move sports injuries from the band aid and liniment stage to the level of a specialized science, the general drag on PTSD in sport is understandable.
What's new: Last year introduced a line of dental care products for dogs and cats; a healing salve and a healing liniment for muscles, joints and arthritis
There's nothing quite like it, particularly at Tynecastle, when the crowd is close enough to smell the liniment, every seat is taken but ignored and 17,000 voices make the old place rock like the Barrowlands.
The sound of studs rattling on wooden boards, the smell of liniment, that apprehension in your stomach and your knees.
Ni allem ein dau beidio a'i gymharu a'r liniment du 'glycerine and ichthyol' sydd gennym wrth law bob amser i drin phloebitus', felly dyna fynd i chwilio am ichthyol ar y we.
One such is a friend of mine, a fine fellow, generally of sound mind--clever, even-who nurses a never-ending cold and is constantly putting camphorated liniment on his upper lip.
Joseph's Liniment, which had applications in first aid and as a mosquito repellent.
The present case report documents correction of ankylosis of knee in a dog, following faulty immobilization post fracture treatment and its successful correction using Galvanic 20 stimulation followed by massage by liniment ammonia.
Clay's sight was impeded by a substance thought to be liniment allegedly smeared on Liston's gloves.
Soloman Andrews' horse-drawn omnibus in Cardiff was just one of the many enterprises in which he became involved which included selling pies and liniment
It is here that the smell of liniment oozes from this excellent book.
Demanding to be read aloud, the story, set in 1970, unravels in a sad and seedy West Virginian racetrack, which in Gordon's hands is really a sensorium, her prose miring you in the mud of it ("The sun beat down and by three the red dirt glowed back and around each barn and strip of grass like the works of a toaster"); the stink of it ("the dark blue restless air fragrant with medicinals, Absorbine, liniment, pine tar"), the shrillness and stillness of it ("And alongside of her, rolling so slow in the dirt road it made less sound than