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with respect to language


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According to Zandan, this comes out linguistically in their inclination toward negative phrasing.
4% of pupils in primary education were at risk of remaining linguistically illiterate and 6.
Sharing the results of their multi-year study of linguistically diverse classrooms, education researchers Lesaux, Galloway, and Marietta discuss the challenges and possibilities for ensuring that literacy instruction satisfies what it means to be literate today, while also supporting the growing number of linguistically diverse students in school both in the US and around the world.
Because culture and learning are so closely linked, any mismatch between home and school culture can mean that linguistically diverse students who are still mastering the language of schooling are put at risk of failing (Gay, 2000; Purcell-Gates, 2000).
MPH, who noted that Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services compliance is mandated for all programs that receive federal funds and those seeking national accreditation.
Anissa Ahmed Fakhroo in her speech said that the event was organized in order to take care of linguistically gifted children and to celebrate the International Day of the Arab Language.
All these issues can result in linguistically diverse students' placement in classrooms where success is far from guaranteed.
Zakah (alms) linguistically means an increase, excess or build up, and in the Sharee'ah it means to pay a particular amount which has to be paid on a given number or a given quantity of some particular things, and according to some particular circumstances.
This paper examines the role direct instruction in pronunciation and cultural plays in L2 literacy in linguistically diverse school settings.
Beaumaris is a different place linguistically, in 28 years as a teacher at Ysgol David Hughes I cannot remember any pupils from there going into the Welsh stream.
Health care providers should understand and respond with sensitivity to the needs and preferences that culturally and linguistically diverse patients bring to each health care encounter.
An excellent guide that assists organizations in insuring that patients from all backgrounds are receiving high quality health care is the Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards.
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms: New Dilemmas for Teachers
Genetically and linguistically, he was an ancient Greek, half-Greek or member of one of the old Greek tribes on the Balkans.