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consisting of or related to language


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It rejected all linguistical and fictional conventions.
Other historical and cultural primacies include a linguistical and civilizing firstness of the Hungarian language and people, the invention of writing, invention of horse-riding and an interesting recent idea of geographical first presence and continuity in the Carpathian-Danubian area, competing and mutually excluding each other with the Romanian protochronist discourse.
MO Group International's strength lies in its ability to consistently deliver high quality QA testing and localization services for small-to-large-scale projects that meet the cultural and linguistical needs of both its clients and their customers.
The subordinated state of the aymara language in Chile can be historically explained by an extended and sustained process of linguistical displacement in favor of the dominant national language.
Yes, Lleucu is able to speak English, but that is not the point of the protest - she's demanding her linguistical rights to communicate in her chosen language - whether it be Welsh or English.
Although poetry is translatable, much will be lost through linguistical and cultural distance.
Therefore, it could be assumed that the Reggio Emilia curricular approach is especially appropriate for the children with cultural and linguistical differences.
2) Division IA has been infelicitously renamed Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) and Division IAA is now Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), leaving the linguistical puzzle: why does the championship game occur in the FBS, and not the FCS?
In spite of any however moderate epistemic relativism, our cognitive and hermeneutic activities are actually guided by the intention to check the validity of the very initial presuppositions of our perspective, and to assess the validity of other perspectives which are different from a cultural, linguistical, social and historical point of view.
And now a follow-up book, Foyle's Further Philavery, by Christopher Foyle, the chairman of the worldfamous Foyle's bookshop in London, brings more linguistical delights.
These methods differ from philosophical, mathematical, theological, chemical, linguistical, a.
His book Ontological Semantics delves into using linguistical analysis to determine textual meaning.
Poindexter (2002) used methods from narrative and linguistical analysis to preserve the vocal patterns that are often lost in the translation between oral and written form.
Then, the author tries to show its effectiveness putting the accent in the linguistical structuration and communicative organization of the genome.
The question seems to be thoughtless once it is put against the background of contemporary philosophy, which has taught us to distrust of the ontological claims of those systems which maintain that it is possible for reflective consciousness detaching itself from its linguistical, historical, and social embodiment to lay down a pure ground from which the totality of the structure of reality can be constituted.