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(linguistics) a grammatical rule (or other linguistic feature) that is found in all languages

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Yes, for significant linguistic universals exist and all linguistic universals are cultural universals.
Linguistic universals are good candidates for being cultural universals, and looking for linguistic universals at the superficial level (directly observable aspects of sound, form, and meaning) is not explanatorily fruitful.
Since there are linguistic universals that aren't explanatorily trivial, there are cultural universals that aren't explanatorily trivial.
Nonetheless, the same verbal sign contains also the substantial form of language (forma substantiales locutionis) which corresponds to those innate linguistic universals that function as the formal principles of language itself.
In regards to gramatica, Dante makes reference to "linguistic universals" ("gramatica facultatis", 1.9.11) which are intrinsically present in languages that are governed by rules and that are not subject to noticeable changes, as would be the case for Latin and/or Greek.
phonological, syntactic) constitute evidence for cognitive universals, rather than linguistic universals. Furthermore, she regards differences between spoken and sign languages at the higher levels of language, such as pragmatics, as evidence for the interdependence of language and cognition.
(3) What are the linguistic universals? (4) What part of language is innate rather than acquired in social interaction?
In conclusion, pragmatic phenomena that involve abstract constructs such as rationality, face or the self-concept seem to require a lower level of analysis than that associated with the general or universal aspects of human cognition and behavior (i.e., thinking, reasoning, linguistic universals, etc.).
To brand a product for the international market consideration of the linguistic universals, i.e.
If a product is intended for the global market, its branding must take linguistic universals into consideration.
A popular way to analyse linguistic universals is through markedness theory.
So in order to devise a truly explanatory theory of linguistic universals, we need to unravel the abstract processes that only indirectly manifest themselves in the observed facts.
It reviews research on the linguistic sequences of interlanguage development (morpheme accuracy order, verbal and phrasal negatives question formation, relativization, and word order) and research on SLA processes (language universals; linguistic universals; cognitive theories; cognitive processes, input, and interaction; and cognitive processes and evidence).
Whether this is indeed the case is answered in chapter 5, "Innateness and function in linguistics." First some competing theories on the origin of linguistic universals are examined.
For Bybee and her collaborators, linguistic universals are found only at the level of values like past, present, and future, as opposed to the level of groups of related values like tense (Bybee et al.
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