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The XML representations of three fuzzy linguistic rules for determining contractor acceptability are illustrated in Figure 7.
Single-objective and two-objective genetic algorithms for selecting linguistic rules for pattern classification problems.
(41) This is not overshadowed by the remark --in paragraph 199 of the Investigations-- that one person cannot follow a linguistic rule just once.
Devitt links his argument to the dispute between Quine and Chomsky in the mid seventies about the nature of linguistic rules. As we saw above in Quine's "Methodological Reflections on Current Linguistic Theory" he argued against Chomsky's theory of people being implicitly guided by linguistic rules that they are not aware of.
The text of the competition must be written in a proper Arabic language, taking into account the linguistic rules devoid of local dialects," Katara Publishing House said in a statement on Saturday.
The text of this competition must be written in a proper Arabic language, taking into account the linguistic rules avoiding the local dialects," Dar Katara Publishing House said in a statement yesterday.
Zwir, "Linguistic modeling by hierarchical systems of linguistic rules," IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, vol.
The discussion touches on the nature of inner speech, how inner speech violates the linguistic rules of ordinary language, when inner speech originates in the child, and its relationship with self and identity.
This process represented a hurdle in applying system to Japanese or any other language as it required dedicated programs correlated to the linguistic rules of the target language.
Although he is referring to a fictitious monster and a fictitious character in the tales of Basotho, they remain cultural concepts whose significance goes beyond linguistic rules governing the Sesotho language.
(This document was not selected for analysis because we did not have the resources to code all of the translated documents.) Using a coding scheme similar to that developed by Pan and Fond (2014), we coded issues using four categories: Linguistic Rules, Cultural Norms, Social Practices, and Production Errors.
New cultural theorists are putting semiotics into practice and grammaticalizing (in other words, creating, regularizing, and normalizing their own conventions and grammar) their own musical, cultural, and linguistic rules and styles (Alim).