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The XML representations of three fuzzy linguistic rules for determining contractor acceptability are illustrated in Figure 7.
Single-objective and two-objective genetic algorithms for selecting linguistic rules for pattern classification problems.
Some remarks from the Investigations strongly suggest that the nature of our epistemic access to the activity of following linguistic rules must also be elucidated.
There has been something of a dispute in the marketplace about statistically-based machine learning versus the semantic approach, which involves linguistic rules," Scagliarini says.
By applying deep learning, this issue was eliminated thus enabling the new technology to recognize sentences that have high probability of being reasons and grounds without relying on linguistic rules.
Using a coding scheme similar to that developed by Pan and Fond (2014), we coded issues using four categories: Linguistic Rules, Cultural Norms, Social Practices, and Production Errors.
New cultural theorists are putting semiotics into practice and grammaticalizing (in other words, creating, regularizing, and normalizing their own conventions and grammar) their own musical, cultural, and linguistic rules and styles (Alim).
The rivalry dissipated in the tenth century with the realisation (following Aristotle) that the deduction of linguistic rules was only valid when based on a finite corpus, because no rule could be asserted if at any time new and contradictory data could be adduced.
These conversations make use of the same linguistic rules that power the legendary test of artificial intelligence that bears the name of famed computer scientist Alan Turing.
Now, while we believe that our reply to EC is sufficient, as we will now show, Sellars's nuanced analysis of linguistic rules can strengthen our reply to the Engagement Complaint.
It employs linguistic rules, multi-lingual dictionaries, technical glossaries and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to ensure contextual relevance of translated terms.
The implications of the developments outlined in the preceding sections of this paper suggest a growing need for a research agenda on shared linguistic representations established in communication, the relevance of language to a content area, and the linguistic rules that govern the permissible usage forms.
Scope's ConSCIse automatically extracts keywords from the document based on sophisticated and appropriate statistical and linguistic rules.
If the obtained translations do not correspond to the original, it is important to find out why, as there may be some linguistic rules or conventions specific to a certain language (Latin languages versus Germanic languages).
Discovering knowledge in text documents - SAS Text Analytics is helping organizations uncover critical insights they can act on by applying linguistic rules and statistical methods to automatically assess and analyze electronic text in social media content, call center logs, survey data, emails, loan applications, service notes, insurance or warranty claims and more.