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a relation between linguistic forms or constituents

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Matus Pikuliak and Marian Simko discussed linguistic relations in their talk, Towards Relationship Extraction from Text Using Word Embeddings.
Morphology and syntax offer alternative means for encoding the same formal linguistic relations. In fact, in "nonconfigurational" languages "inflectional morphology takes on much of the functional load of phrase structure in more configurational languages like English, determining grammatical functions and constituency relations" (Nordlinger, 2).
This is done via case stacking where the iteration of case suffixes on a single word mark successively embedded formal linguistic relations. As Nordlinger writes:
They consider Paul's socio-historical, historical-textual, ecclesial, and linguistic relations to a variety of biblical actors.
They flesh out Gessner's internal references (for example, if he just writes supra, the note gives a page reference), give the original text of sources Gessner paraphrases, comment on his etymologies with references to standard modern works, correct his notions of linguistic relations (Persian, for example, is no longer considered a dialect of Turkish, 63r, 246), and so on.
With this comprehensive survey of the nature and extent of Scandinavian loanwords in Older and Middle Scots, she has filled a gap: given the mass of scholarly work on English-Scandinavian contact, this treatment of the intercultural and linguistic relations of Scotland and Scandinavia will provide a long-awaited addition to all those interested in the subject.
of linguistic relations that cannot exist without language" (1990: 501).
(6.) The study of linguistic relations and structures in discourse; Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th ed.
"The deep cultural and linguistic relations between Iranian and Tajik people sets a good ground for development of mutual cooperation in all areas between the two nations," Rouhani said.