linguistic profiling

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using speech characteristics or dialect to identify a speaker's race or religion or social class

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Baugh and his colleagues at Stanford are also currently investigating linguistic profiling in education and employment.
Perhaps, especially when you consider that there have been lawsuits brought because of applicant photos (alleging that landlords knew what people looked like) and that there are currently pending lawsuits on linguistic profiling (alleging that the landlords knew the person was black because of how he/she sounded on the phone).
SAN FRANCISCO -- Federated Media Publishing (FM), a next-generation media company, today announced the acquisition of a platform for semantic and linguistic profiling of web-based content from TextDigger, a San Jose-based semantic search startup.
Linguistic Profiling, Trainers Toolchest, 877-288-6657, www.
In this brief video, a segment from the ABC News program 20/20 Downtown, the focus is on the way certain groups can suffer illegal discrimination based on linguistic profiling, specifically denial of housing.