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the cognitive processes involved in producing and understanding linguistic communication

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For the poet's self is now seen as an intertextual construct, in which such transpersonal forces as historical, sociopolitical, and familial contingencies; biological, psychological, and linguistic processes; and the broader cultural and institutional uses of language come into play.
Inkpin then emphasizes how his approach identifies linguistic processes that post-Fregean philosophy of language ignores at its own peril.
It only suggests that the real integration is not "what" (facts, data) is brought together but "how" (linguistic processes or conversations) are they formulated for translation and communication.
In the first, Francis Tollis describes how Toussaint's theory, inspired by laws of biology and physics, explains certain linguistic processes that may, at first sight, seem arbitrary.
Vedovelli also discusses various linguistic processes that occur in migratory contexts.
Karabulatova, who mentions the interconnection of psychophysiological and linguistic processes at creative bilingualism [7].
Individual linguistic processes are treated next including visual word recognition, models of reading and writing, development of reading and spelling abilities, and speech recognition.
The authors of the study said that environmental factors are undoubtedly important, but based on their findings they believe linguistic processes are innate.
In this piece her scholarly approach is fully on display--deeply concerned with textual evidence, basing grammatical analyses not on forms detached from their context but on the grammar that emerges from text, sensitive to meter and to other indirect clues to linguistic structure such as register, and to the linguistic reality often partly concealed by orthography, alive to the interplay of archaism and innovation in the language and to the linguistic processes that reconfigure older features of language in new structures, and eager to situate whatever language she's focused on in the larger web of Indo-Aryan languages, not only more or less contemporary Middle Indic forms but also earlier Vedic and later Apabhramsa and even New Indo-Aryan.
it interacts with a theory of language in so far as linguistic theory, particularly in the generative vein, is concerned with providing a formal account of the knowledge of language that enables the speaker/hearer to carry out such linguistic processes. Psycholinguistics and linguistic theory are also bound to interact in the construction of a theory of language acquisition, in so far as a formal model of language knowledge must present those proprieties that make any human language learnable by human beings, and psycholinguistic approaches to language acquisition are aimed at characterizing how such a state of knowledge is achieved.
"To enhance our understanding of ongoing literary and linguistic processes in contemporary Russian culture," through "comparative and interdisciplinary research": thus the project's primary aims (as formulated on
Wolf argues that reading difficulties can enter in at any one or any combination of five general areas: behaviors; perceptual motor, conceptual, or linguistic processes; neural structures; neurons; or genetic foundations (p.
In closing this chapter Legge notes that when we discuss reading we are also discussing comprehension, and there is a point at which our understanding of the psychophysics of reading must merge with the "linguistic processing of the brain." While Legge does not delve into the linguistic processes deeply, he does provide enough information to understand the distinction between the study of the psychophysics of reading and the necessity of a process to extract meaning from the written word.