linguistic performance

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(linguistics) a speaker's actual use of language in real situations

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This unique combination of phonetic features is one more linguistic performance of non-normative gender performed by genderqueer individuals.
In Chapter 6, 'Cognitive Task Complexity and Linguistic Performance in French L2 Writing', Kuiken and Vedder examine the effects of task complexity on learners' written performance by manipulating two cognitive factors: [+/- few elements] and [+/- reasoning demands].
Assuming a linguistic framework, in an MCDM problem we have linguistic performance values {[V.sub.1], ..., [V.sub.m]} about a set of alternatives X ={x1, ..., xn} provided according to a group of criteria {[P.sub.1],..., [P.sub.m]}.
Knowledge of language requires both linguistic competence (understanding the rules), and linguistic performance (using these rules).
There, an ideology links linguistic performance to patrilineal descent and prohibits marriage between speakers of the same language.
In fact, it becomes a linguistic performance which affirms bodily presence, reversing Fanon's claim that, in the white world, "consciousness of the body is solely a negating activity" (110).
"Combined with the enhanced linguistic performance is the cultural knowledge that students gained during the bridge.
Actual linguistic performance is the result of 'the interaction of a variety of factors, of which the underlying competence of the speaker-hearer is only one' (ibid., p.
linguistic performance, human interaction, etc., e.g.
Worse: is the language mere abuse heaped upon standard Finnish, resulting in perverted words for their own sake, hence a linguistic performance that flirts with the chaotic?
A particular linguistic performance makes present one aspect of meaning, not its totality.