linguistic geography

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the study of the geographical distribution of linguistic features

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All this could not be more obvious, but, at the same time, it bas very evident consequences as well: Occitan cultures are studied, if at all, within French departments, as if Occitan were a part of the monde de la francophonie; the Catalan language is studied, if at all, in Spanish departments and has even become a part of Hispanic studies; we could go on ad nauseam trying to fit pieces of what Walther von Wartburg certified as La Fragmentation linguistique de la Romania within the disciplinary boundaries of academic departments as they have been constituted in the last decades as a result of the complex interplay between linguistic geography, linguistic politics, and political geography.
Topics include the effect of population on sustainable development, remote sensing in monitoring and management of the environment, environmental degradation and conservation, environmental acts and policies in India, human-induced ecological problems, indoor noise pollution, tourism and development, trends of development in linguistic geography, urbanization and socio-economic attributes, rural out-migration, fertility in the city, women's participation in dairies, the Green Revolution, sustainable agriculture in India, Hartshorne and agricultural geography, irrigation and agricultural transformation, canals and resource management, cropping patterns, size distribution of urban centers, growth-related problems in cities.
In conclusion, this is an important work that constitutes one of the basic tools available for studying the linguistic geography of South Asia.
Accompanying the first volume is the Handbook of the Linguistic Geography of New England, by Hans Kurath and Miles L.