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discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation

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Also in texts 4, 16, 22, 24, 32 and 35, the praise-singer employs the socio-cultural situational and linguistic context (in the categories of metaphor and symbolism) to 'pract' warning.
However, if a coinage is polysemous or very specific, the meaning obtained by world-knowledge and prototypical seme constellations should be matched with the linguistic context, which will provide additional, non-predictable information.
So to a great extent, the social context, and, as a result, the linguistic context stayed Iraqi within the homes.
In view of the above, this paper introduces a novel platform for supporting the semantic annotation process of Web and Telecommunication services (Telco) based on Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) techniques, used for identifying the linguistic context of the service descriptors in order to enable the automatic association of ontological entities to functional attributes of the services.
In a brilliant speech he described the challenges of a job that requires moving between dissimilar cultural traditions, where even the most common experiences and emotions of human beings are full of surprising nuances depending on their linguistic context, thus refuting the widespread popular belief that to translate is just to import sentences from one language to another as if each word has an exact equivalent.
At the same time, however, Mennonite congregations are inevitably embedded in a social, economic, and linguistic context and have always expressed their witness in a culturally-specific way--which is to say that culture is inescapable.
I raise the issue here in the hopes that we can conduct a new and different conversation, one fully grounded in the social, historical, and linguistic context of the initial SlutWalk in order to contextualize the subsequent global movement.
Therefore, the MADM under the linguistic context is an interesting research topic which has been receiving more and more attention in recent years [1-4].
Consideration also needs to be given to the distinct cultural and linguistic context here in Wales - a cursory examination of recentWelsh history will clearly show how resource exploitation is often viewed in a negative light, with little perceived benefits for local communities.
As to socio linguistic context, research indicates that the social, socioeconomic, cultural, and linguistic phenomena of the contexts in which a child develops and is socialized affect his specific developments and have to be seriously considered in making decisions about educational policy.
objects) in part 2, while noun which occurred in the -u-biasing linguistic context in part 1 were given -u-biasing referents in the second part of the experiment.
Linguistic context consists purely of language, and so any contextual phenomenon that is not linguistic must be situational.
Linguistic context would encompass the phonetic, morphological, syntactic or textual material surrounding to the word, whereas situational context entails anything to do with the immediate situation and the socio-cultural background in which the language event takes place.
Whelan gave the students recordings of street interviews conducted in 1979 with Belfast residents to provide cultural and linguistic context.
rely on semiotic concern with the linguistic context of a particular utterance, or on literary-critical themes for analyzing narratives.
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