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discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation

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Moreover, it has been shown how, through enrichment of the expression "to get some cash" in (4) and the subsequent assignment of reference, it has been possible to determine the linguistic context appropriate for resolving the ambiguity of the word "bank" in (4).
Recently, several representative MCDM methods in hesitant linguistic context based on distance measure have been proposed.
Therefore, worse performance on this test may also suggest that people with ASD have difficulties using linguistic context more generally to build expectancy for what will happen next.
Also, Amusa and Joseph employ the linguistic context of pidgin to 'pract' educating in texts 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, and 31.
However, if a coinage is polysemous or very specific, the meaning obtained by world-knowledge and prototypical seme constellations should be matched with the linguistic context, which will provide additional, non-predictable information.
So to a great extent, the social context, and, as a result, the linguistic context stayed Iraqi within the homes.
"This was the first time that I made a film in a cultural and linguistic context that is totally new for me," Ghazvinizadeh said.
Further, as anyone who is multilingual knows, language is culturally driven, reminding us that when we read the Bible on a daily or weekly basis it is already in translation, removed from its original cultural and linguistic context (the Greek or Hebrew languages).
This is significant because the strong ascetic tendency in the Syriac Christian tradition can be traced back in part to "exegetical expansions on notions of holiness and community derived from a reconfiguration of the various biblical hermeneutics of holiness that worked best in an Aramaic linguistic context" (12).
In a brilliant speech he described the challenges of a job that requires moving between dissimilar cultural traditions, where even the most common experiences and emotions of human beings are full of surprising nuances depending on their linguistic context, thus refuting the widespread popular belief that to translate is just to import sentences from one language to another as if each word has an exact equivalent.
At the same time, however, Mennonite congregations are inevitably embedded in a social, economic, and linguistic context and have always expressed their witness in a culturally-specific way--which is to say that culture is inescapable.
I raise the issue here in the hopes that we can conduct a new and different conversation, one fully grounded in the social, historical, and linguistic context of the initial SlutWalk in order to contextualize the subsequent global movement.
Therefore, the MADM under the linguistic context is an interesting research topic which has been receiving more and more attention in recent years [1-4].
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