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consisting of or related to language


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For this reason the use of neutrosophic linguistic modeling is proposed, which has as its theoretical basis the theory of neutrosophic sets and the theory of diffuse sets, techniques that have proved effective in evaluating aspects of qualitative nature [8].
Linguistic variables are used to represent the qualitative aspects whose domain of expression are sets of words or linguistic terms according to [9].
This collection of work in linguistics and cognitive science deals with entrenchment, defined here as the ongoing reorganization and adaptation of communicative knowledge under the influence of social interactions.
The central theme of the three-day activity, this year is 'Linguistic research in multilingual contexts' which is aimed at exploring the challenges, opportunities and applications of linguistic research in multilingual contexts in general and in Pakistani context in particular.
Similarly, the sub-themes of the conference are: multi-lingualism as a tool of marginalization and/or empowerment, multi-literacies for adopting new technologies and sustaining linguistic diversity, along with language ideology, language endangerment and globalization, among others.
Theoretically, the core of linguistic decision making is fuzzy linguistic information processing method, the remarkable works of fuzzy linguistic information processing was initially proposed by Zadeh in [5], which are rooted on linguistic variable and fuzzy set [6], a linguistic variable is a variable whose values are not numbers, but words or sentences in a natural or artificial language.
[43] presented the induced linguistic probabilistic ordered weighted average (ILPOWA) operator using probabilities and the OWA operator in the same formulation and developed a new approach for linguistic group decision making based on the ILPOWA operator.
Section 2 provides examples of documentation efforts that emphasize 'folk definitions', 'ex situ' documentation of immigrant languages, linguistic evidence for archaeological/historical interpretation, and language documentation as a PhD thesis.
No single volume can adequately cover an entire continent of linguistic issues, concerns and exceptional cases.
Secondly, it is high time that linguistic equality movements openly publish their views and aims, and meet this fairy tale of a 'single mother tongue 'with a manifesto of the movement itself.
He said that the languages are the most powerful instruments of preserving and developing tangible and intangible heritage and all moves to promote the dissemination of mother tongues will serve not only to encourage linguistic diversity and multilingual education but also to develop awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions throughout the world.
It is more suitable and reasonable to express the preference in the form of linguistic information rather than real number.
So, in this paper, we intend to propose a method considering the interaction among criteria in hesitant fuzzy linguistic context which can handle more fuzzy and uncertain information.