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with respect to language

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The protoconid and hypoconid are visible labially while the metaconid is prominent lingually. The anteroposterior cusplets are absent.
The cusps and cusplets are inclined lingually, sometimes incurved mesially or distally and covered by coarse long and short cristae.
This segment was separated in a vertical direction into two pieces and the implants were inserted lingually [20].
Another reason is the straightening of buccally aligned maxillary molars and lingually tilted mandibular molars as already mentioned.
The basal cingulum is continuous but weak buccally and strong lingually. NAP XV 382'08, a well-preserved right M1, is a subtriangular, quite long tooth (Fig.
Without this anchorage, the appliance tips lingually, contacting the lower incisors, and causing labial gingival abrasion [8].
However, the success of the outcome depends both on duration of deafness prior to implantation [4, 5] and on the onset of deafness before (prelingually) [4-7] or after (post lingually) [8] critical stages in the acquisition of language.
In Osr2-/- mice, Msx1 expression will activate excessive Bmp4 synthesis, resulting in supernumerary lingually displaced molars, similar to non-mammalian multi-rowed dentitions [Mikkola, 2009; Zhou et al., 2011].
It retains a portion of a prominent labial style (protostyle) and is broken lingually, but its transverse width can be estimated to have been ca.
Simulated lesions were created in the furcation region of the second molars in up to four possible sites (buccally and lingually, and in the right and left sides) of each mandible, for a total of 60 possible sites.
The ml (MBLUZ-P-3.990, MBLUZ-P-5.896, MBLUZ-P-4.690; Table I; Figure 2f) has an anteriorly projected paraconid without enamel band; a metaconid enamel band is present; meta-entoconid fold shallow and reflected 45[degrees] anteromesialy; ento-hypoconid fold deeper and less inclined (85[degrees]) anteromesialy than meta-entoconid fold; hypoconid buccolingually broad, looks like a trigonid size; anterior facet of the trigonid convex; the lingual enamel band extends to the metaconid to the anterolingual side of the hypoconid, without covering it totally; buccal enamel fold deeper; buccal enamel band covering the anteromesial protoconid facet through posteromesial hypoconulid facet; hypoconid lingually projected; buccal enamel broader than lingual enamel.
Two anteriormost dentary tooth larger, mamilliform, weakly tricuspid and followed by two or three smaller conic and one mamilliform-like tricuspid teeth and then 9-14 smaller conic teeth posteriorly curved lingually.
In this case, the assistant may need to move to the patient's right to position the HVE inlet lingually and to retract the patient's tongue with a mouth mirror.
A TRIP to Greggs - even with its French fancy of a new Northumberland Street caf - has yet to be chanced, he hasn't sampled poisson et frites and, lingually, Geordie remains beyond him.