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with respect to language

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The cusps and cusplets are inclined lingually, sometimes incurved mesially or distally and covered by coarse long and short cristae.
The protocone is flattened lingually and rounded labially in the P4.
The ideal types of cases for such treatment are nonextraction Class II, Division 1 malocclusions, with procumbent maxillary incisors, lingually tipped mandibular incisors, a deep overbite, a flat to average mandibular plane inclination, and mandibular skeletal retrusion.
Paradoxically, Sindh and Balochistan, which are also lingually and ethnically divided are vulnerable to serious instability.
Excess [beta]-catenin is known to induce new enamel knots to bud off the existing epithelium, resulting in simply shaped, lingually displaced supernumerary teeth [Jarvinem et al.
Thus, reflecting on aspects of poetic language, aside of often intuitive and unquantifiable beauty, we can also asses a poem in normative forms, since a poem functions formatively (it has a structure), lingually (it is writing), aesthetically (harmony of style and play of words), juridically (copyright), and so on.
In this condition, the upper incisors develop lingually positioned on the lower and may be involved one or more incisivos.
690; Table I; Figure 2f) has an anteriorly projected paraconid without enamel band; a metaconid enamel band is present; meta-entoconid fold shallow and reflected 45[degrees] anteromesialy; ento-hypoconid fold deeper and less inclined (85[degrees]) anteromesialy than meta-entoconid fold; hypoconid buccolingually broad, looks like a trigonid size; anterior facet of the trigonid convex; the lingual enamel band extends to the metaconid to the anterolingual side of the hypoconid, without covering it totally; buccal enamel fold deeper; buccal enamel band covering the anteromesial protoconid facet through posteromesial hypoconulid facet; hypoconid lingually projected; buccal enamel broader than lingual enamel.
Two anteriormost dentary tooth larger, mamilliform, weakly tricuspid and followed by two or three smaller conic and one mamilliform-like tricuspid teeth and then 9-14 smaller conic teeth posteriorly curved lingually.
In this case, the assistant may need to move to the patient's right to position the HVE inlet lingually and to retract the patient's tongue with a mouth mirror.
A TRIP to Greggs - even with its French fancy of a new Northumberland Street caf - has yet to be chanced, he hasn't sampled poisson et frites and, lingually, Geordie remains beyond him.
His maxillary lateral incisors were malpositioned so far lingually that they were directly behind the centrals, and his teeth were crowded due to a narrow arch.
They are divided ethnically into Flemings and Walloons and lingually and culturally into Flemish/Dutch and Walloon/French communities.
It appears as a small bilateral papule with a distinctive location at the lingually attached gingiva, apical to the mandibular canine (Figure 5).
The lingual side of the mandibular ramus is embedded in the compact sandstone which prevents to study the diagnostic features of the mandibular ramus lingually.