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In our study, Joint-Source 11 showed differences in the middle temporal gyrus, lingual gyrus, subgyral regions, cuneus, superior temporal gyrus, precuneus, superior parietal lobule, inferior parietal lobule, and middle occipital gyrus.
Our findings suggest that the visual cortex volume reduction is associated with a more recurrent form of the illness, since the lingual gyrus GMV was inversely correlated with the number of previous psychotic episodes.
Five partial ROI contrasts were performed using explicit masks over the areas related to spatial cognition and semantic executive control: parahippocampal gyrus, entering 900 voxels into the analysis, hippocampus, entering 93 voxels; posterior cingulate cortex (PCC), entering 141 voxels; lingual gyrus, entering 196 voxels, and left PFMG, entering 229 voxels.
No activations were observed in the hippocampus or in the right hemisphere for the parahippocampal rotation, the PCC or the lingual gyrus.
Results: Compared with the preoperation counterparts, the PA patients with improved vision after the operation exhibited reduced ReHo in the bilateral thalamus, globus pallidus, caudate nucleus, putamen nucleus, supplementary motor area, and left hippocampal formation, and increased ReHo in the bilateral cuneus gyrus, calcarine gyrus, right lingual gyrus, and fusiform gyrus.
24] Guo and colleagues [8] found lower ALFF in the cuneate nucleus and lingual gyrus among individuals with treatment resistant depression and lower ALFF in the occipital lobe among individuals responsive to antidepressant treatment.