lingual artery

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an artery originating from the external carotid artery and supplying the under side of the tongue

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Both techniques can be performed via a dorsal or sublingual approach [12], while surgical drainage is preferred in a shallow incision at BOT or FOM to avoid injury to lingual artery [7].
Mandel, "False aneurysm of the lingual artery," Journal ofOral Surgery, vol.
Comparative anatomical studies in the terminal branches of the lingual artery of the adult sheep and dog.
Post-traumatic upper airway obstruction secondary to a lingual artery hematoma.
These instruments have been routinely utilised in endoscopic abdominal and thoracic surgery due to their excellent combination of coagulation and cutting effects where conventional diathermy and ligature methods are difficult to apply.5 Hemostasis of vessels 6-7mm can be achieved with ultrasonic instruments by using the low amplitude coagulating mode while most effective cutting effect is achieved if amplitude of vibration is set to full power.5 Ligation of lingual artery using ultrasonic scissors has already been reported.6
After sub-platysmal dissection the structures identified are carotid bifurcation, lingual artery, superior thyroid artery and hypoglossal nerve.
Our experience as outlined in this report is similar to that of others who have reported treatment of sublingual hematoma secondary to trauma or surgical manipulation within the floor of the mouth, (8) anticoagulation therapy, (9) or malignant hypertension leading to rupture of the lingual artery. (10)
The patient underwent digital subtraction angiography which revealed supply from right lingual artery (Fig.
The lesion was highly vascularized, and it demonstrated intense intralesional contrast enhancement; its blood supply was provided by branches of the left lingual artery (figure 2).
Extraoral Ligature of Lingual Artery: Anatomic and Topographic Study
Intraoperative findings confirmed tumor involvement of the left lingual artery and hypoglossal nerve, both of which were sacrificed.
Superselective catheterization of the right lingual artery and the right internal maxillary artery was then carried out with a Rapid Transit microcatheter (Cordis; Miami Lakes, Fla.) over a Glidewire Gold Tip (Boston Scientific; Natick, Mass.).
Angiography demonstrated a left lingual artery disruption and hemorrhage.