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Synonyms for lingual

a consonant that is produced with the tongue and other speech organs

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consisting of or related to language


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El objetivo del presente articulo fue describir la variacion anatomica en el origen y distribucion de la arteria lingual del caprino.
Pedunculated lingual osseous choristomas can clinically mimic papillomas.
Lingual thyroid is one of the commonest manifestations of ectopic thyroid tissue.
Injury of the lingual nerve can result in permanent numbness, loss of taste and dyesthesia of the anterior two-thirds of the tongue on the side of the mandibular third molar removed, causing a lifetime distress.
One vallate papillae with concave shape and numerous taste bud that surrounded by cleft were between posterior of lingual body and root.
Difficulties encountered in lingual therapy and their subsequent solutions
3M has asserted US Patents 6,776,614, 7,811,087 and 7,850,451, each entitled 'Modular System for Customised Orthodontic Appliances' and covering 3M Unitek Incognito Lingual Braces.
Beth, an airhostess, went in for lingual braces recently as she was in a profession where she could not compromise on her looks.
Com base nestas observacoes, optou-se por estudar os ramos linguais dependentes do nervo lingual em suinos e suas subdivisoes macro e mesoscopicas.
We describe the presence of a communicating branch between the mylohyoid and lingual nerves in an adult male cadaver, and discuss its clinical/surgical implications as well as its possible role on the sensory innervation of the tongue.
La Ortodoncia Lingual es una tecnica de ortodoncia fija, donde los brackets son colocados en las caras linguales de los dientes, proponiendo un tratamiento totalmente estetico a los pacientes.
Lingual (tongue side) orthodontic appliances are mounted on the inner surfaces of the teeth and require precise bracket positioning and high precision in the brackets' archwire slots.
AMEX:NVD) to produce NovaDel's nitroglycerin lingual spray for the treatment of acute angina, under an exclusive five-year contract.
has commenced a pilot pharmacokinetic feasibility study in humans of a lingual spray version of alprazolam, a widely prescribed anti-anxiety medication marketed as Xanax(R) by Pfizer, Inc, and as a generic by several producers.