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a common language used by speakers of different languages

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Pedagogic criticality and English as a lingua franca
This has led to the emergence of English as a lingua franca (elf) as a distinct research paradigm, a development which loosely coincides with the publication of two seminal works in the field: Jenkins (2000), an investigation into the phonology of English in lingua franca interactions; and Seidlhofer (2001), which marks the launch of the first large-scale (and to date only publicly available) corpus of English as a lingua franca (voice--the Vienna Oxford International Corpus of English, https://www.
In addition to the voice corpus, there is the corpus of English as a Lingua Franca in Academic Settings (elfa; www.
While we agree that the promotion of regional lingua francas should be worked at, however the pursuit of a continental lingua franca is equally important.
Section one therefore gives a broad background of the role and achievement of Kiswahili in Africa and beyond that portrays its potential for a continental lingua franca.
Then the next section revisits the quest for the adoption of Kiswahili as a continental lingua franca arguing that the quest is a legitimate one and that given the opportunity, it is achievable and the benefits of linguistic unity, which is an essential pre-condition for economic, political and social integration cannot be underestimated.
Today, every continent has a substantial group of English speakers, and English has gained increasing importance as a lingua franca, a language used among people who do not share the same mother tongue.
The need for a lingua franca has intensified in recent years with the growth of travel and international sports, as well as the globalization of the economy.
English as lingua franca (ELF), as English used in non-native speaker (E2) (10) communication, may be difficult to accept and manage as, besides artificially created languages such as Esperanto, we normally associate a culture and a country with native members as the bases behind a language.
a standard UK or US variant of English--depending on the target audience, even though especially audio and video material with an English lingua franca approach would offer opportunities for learning in different types of authentic settings.
46) Challenging the stereotypes of correct usage in connection with English lingua franca (ELF) can be healthy, as certain aspects of idiomaticity are difficult to master for E2 speakers; the role of such culturally loaded vocabulary items and idioms can be questioned in an international language.
The concept of an original Uralic lingua franca is obviously very appealing and, as A.
Taagepera, when asking the question of how a lingua franca comes about and spreads, states the following: "We can not observe the prehistorical ones, but we can look at the presently expanding ones" (2000 : 384).
In a paper titled "Uralic as a lingua franca with roots", R.
Urdu was the natural choice because it was Pakistan's lingua franca, the only language spoken both in Eastern and Western provinces of Pakistan.