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a common language used by speakers of different languages

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of Vienna) analyzes the role of English as a lingua franca, an international language, in the classroom, taking as a case study an Austrian training program in hotel management, Applying a qualitative applied linguistic approach informed by ethnography, she views the participating students and teachers primarily as interlocutors who try to meet their interactional aims with the help of English as a language of communication, rather than as learners of English as a second or foreign language that they work to improve their skill with.
Among their topics are the development of co-fluency in English as a lingua franca, participial adverbials in academic lectures, creating identities in political speeches, textual structure and coherence in live text sports commentaries, between writing and orality in women's lifestyle magazines, discourse approaches to specialized and popular academic English, and a comparative perspective of pragmatic dimensions in literary texts.
The second edition includes extended coverage of English as a Lingua Franca and China English; updated units on Singlish and Estuary English; new readings by David Crystal, Hu Xiao Qiong and Barbara Seidlhofer; and revised references, examples, and exercises.
Among their topics are New England in the day of Salem Witchcraft and the Civil War, towards a new English as a Foreign Language curriculum for continental Europe, and impoliteness in English as Lingua Franca discourse.
It includes philosophical discussions of language use and pragmatics, cognitive issues such as illocutionary constructions and the relevance-theoretic concept of explicature, and intercultural aspects including the characteristic features of Lingua Franca Pragmatics and comparison of the grammaticalization of the pragmatic marker "kind of" and its phonetically reduced form "kinda" with their French equivalents.
Coverage includes the fluidity and change of native models and the relevance of the existing descriptions of native accents for teaching purposes; the controversy surrounding the Lingua Franca Core as an alternative model to Received Pronunciation and General American; discussion of a realistic syllabus for a foreign learner, based on recent attitudinal and linguistic data; intonational variation in English and its role in communication; and how dictionaries and teaching materials reflect changing market demands.
The lingua franca of the Indo-Pakistani people is one language, claims Khan, called Hindi when written in Nagari and Urdu when written in Arabic.