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a common language used by speakers of different languages

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What concerns me is the proliferation, not just of nonsense and sloppy thinking per se, but of a particular kind of nonsense and sloppy thinking: One that denies the existence of objective realities,'' he wrote in Lingua Franca.
Widely considered the lingua franca of instant messaging, XMPP is an emerging Internet standard for real-time messaging and presence that grew out of the popular Jabber open-source project.
of Zanzibar) offers a new tool for translating from Swahili, the lingua franca throughout most of East Africa, to English, the language it has borrowed most words from in modern times.
He wrote it in French, the lingua franca of Benedictine monasteries and the English court, and this is the first full English translation from the single surviving manuscript.
We fully endorse the need for an open standard for infrastructure and application management that provides the lingua franca for systems management and data center automation tools to exchange information and enable policy-based computing," said Vijay Manwani, Chief Technology Officer of BladeLogic.
They cover English as a higher education lingua franca, when it is also the most used local language, constructing international perspectives in student group work, academic writing and literacy in a transnational perspective, and east and west at the international university.
XMPP has been widely considered the lingua franca of instant messaging, used as a protocol for connecting open source and proprietary IM applications.
Rather than classifying the work as Jewish moral literature, they regard it as an encyclopedia which makes longer Kabbalistic passages of the Zohar accessible for the first time by translation into the lingua franca of Ashkenazic Jews.
In addition to her work for Slate and the Times, Nussbaum was senior editor, then editor in chief at Nerve and was a feature writer at Lingua Franca.
Rejecting the view that Negerhollands was a lingua franca of a colonial population that included free and bound, privileged and oppressed, Sabino (English, Auburn U.
He looks at English in the world, language and nation building, world Englishes, the contradiction of plurality, English as a lingua franca, the location of English in Malaysia, and the relocation of English.
Although the Internet Protocol has emerged as the lingua franca of packet-based networks for both data and voice, QoS has remained merely hit-and-miss and end-to-end broadband has remained elusive, largely relegating application and network service providers to "best effort" and commodity communications services.
Chapters in the first section address social contexts including dual language education, vocational ESL, English for academic purposes, English as an international lingua franca, and teaching ESL in Europe.
XML was intended to be a lingua franca, making different computing systems interoperate seamlessly and intelligently.
Specific topics include globalization and international intelligibility, language change and English as a lingua franca, world Englishes and the politics of conformity, "glocalization" and emerging variety among Persian speakers of English, local networks in the formation and development of West African English, and globalization and the role of English in Latin America.