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a common language used by speakers of different languages

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English as lingua franca (ELF), as English used in non-native speaker (E2) (10) communication, may be difficult to accept and manage as, besides artificially created languages such as Esperanto, we normally associate a culture and a country with native members as the bases behind a language.
He accepts that mediaeval philosophy is not easy: it had its own lingua franca (Latin) and was written by a small group of professional, academic writers.
Now the Mid Wales Opera troupe is tackling this fabulous tale which will actually be sung in English, confounding those who adore the Italian - although why Spanish was never the lingua franca is a mystery - and Welsh speakers.
By emphasizing the simultaneity of artistic trends in both countries, it proved the obvious: There is always an international lingua franca, usable by open-minded artists regardless of their nationality.
Miller who hopes to build a town in South Dakota where American Sign Language would be the lingua franca
Scholars of Arabic and Islamic studies examine Qur'anic quotations in the three most important corpora of papyrus and parchment documents from the imperial and lingua franca periods (632-1000) preserved in original letters, agreements, and amulets.
Isabel Sandoval's 'Lingua Franca,' which tells the story of a Filipino transgender immigrant in New York, will be one of 11 films that will compete-and have its world premiere-at the 2019 Venice Days (or Giornate degli Autori), the independent section that runs alongside the Venice Film Festival in Italy, its producer Darlene Malimas told the Inquirer.
Pidgin is the widely spoken lingua franca of much of west and central Africa.
During heyday of Soviet Union, Russian was the lingua franca from Prague to Hanoi.
'It is our lingua franca or common language which is systematically used to make communication possible between people who do not share a native language or dialect,' he said after launching a book titled Reflections on Malaysia Unity and Other Challenges here.
Urdu was lingua franca and it was also necessary to learn but despite all these problems, 'we should not reduce importance of our mother language, Sindhi,' she said.
The English spoken in Wales is part of that rich international family that is the lingua franca of the modern world.
In the process these children lose their identity.The Manila language which is the De Facto Lingua Franca is the language used by two people with different languages.
He said language difficulties might prevent cartel whistleblowers coming forward and suggested national competition authorities should accept filings in the lingua franca of the business world, English.
English may have been the lingua franca of this conference, but things American took a back seat to considerations of dance and politics in Belgium, India, Oslo, Rio, and Sarajevo.