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Synonyms for lingeringly

in a slow, leisurely or prolonged way


References in classic literature ?
She leaned over him and pressed her lips softly and lingeringly to his hair.
Yes, they ARE nice books!" Yet these last words he uttered so lingeringly that I could see he was ready to weep with vexation at finding the better sorts of books so expensive.
It is as when we eat a perfect mango, its just-ripe flesh oozing an indescribable sweetness while its perfume curls lingeringly in our brain, a taste that we have experienced before, but each time it is a new, original thrill, a deeply felt beauty of which we cannot speak.
Or look at her lingeringly, like she's a croissant just off the microwave.
Naturally Collins selected the edition of the symphony which includes clarinets, and they made a poignant contribution to the colours of this amazing score, as did, among others, visionary horns and lingeringly sad bassoons.
As the train stopped and they heard the whining hum of the door release, she leaned close again and kissed him, lingeringly on the cheek.
And yet, as the lingeringly negative connotations of the word "shamelessness" should suggest, we are not yet entirely comfortable with those changes.
That's good." He laid aside his coat and hat gently, lingeringly, as though he had time and to spare for everything, or as though he were taking leave of them for ever, and came over to the fire and held out his hands to the quick, leaping flame.
But we know that, while a lifelong bachelor, he's capable of red-blooded feeling for a woman--in A Scandal in Bohemia, Irene Adler is "the daintiest thing under a bonnet on this planet." A certain Miss Morrison is lingeringly noted for her wide eyes and blonde hair in the tale of The Crooked Man--"and yet", Holmes adds, "I found her by no means wanting in shrewdness and common-sense"--while the three Cushing sisters of The Adventure of the Cardboard Box are given a respectful but searching once-over, in a sort of Edwardian gothic-literary take on the Judgment of Paris.
The inclusion of holy signs and curious graffiti--worshipped prints and dusty letters--suggests that both overarching narrative and individual narrative components matter, that the import of "human narrative" is not overwhelmed by the silence and divine silencing of the beginning and end of a more sacred history, the unwritable realm into which Christ (lingeringly) ascends.
Lingeringly, the camera follows the tiny sneakers of a last zombie as she shuffles out of the barn and shields her eyes from the sunlight--Sophia, the one the band has been looking for, has found them instead--and it is now clear that Rick has all along been as deluded as Herschel.
According to Richard Maurice Bucke in 1883, Whitman kept Carlyle's translation of the Inferno "by him for many years," read in it "often," and "learned much from it." Horace Traubel recorded that Whitman constantly kept near him Longfellow's translation of the Divine Comedy (first published in 1867), one of the few books that he "still reads lingeringly and never tires of." See Traubel, With Walt Whitman in Camden, Volume 8, ed.
Food for thought, then, for Martinez, although the decision of referee Kevin Friend not to award Seamus Coleman a second-half penalty left a lingeringly bitter aftertaste.
"Slow Airs" opens, "The bow burrs on the hoarse string, a husky whisper / whiskey-throated in the stillness," and while Anderson's long lines insist the reader takes her time, listens to the songs "played now so lingeringly" in the poem, there's no escaping the sexual energy to this music and this poem: "Open your lips, that air's on your tongue." As the poem concludes, "An air that slow can only / quicken.