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official (in tennis, soccer, football, etc

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a person who installs or repairs electrical or telephone lines

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Asked if the 'aggravated' element of the linesman's charge related to the alleged racist comments, Manchester FA said it couldn't comment further than a statement in either case.
Mane was in an offside position when the first ball was played but became active again once Roberto Firmino took the shot, so the linesman should know that and give the goal.
"The boy has headed the ball in line with the linesman and he has given it.
"The linesman assumes that little touch is a penalty.
"The two men aged 25 and 47 were arrested following the incident at Villa Park - fortunately the linesman wasn't injured."
But Dutch forensic experts said the linesman died as a result of the beating.
The Wake Green goalscorer was the furthest forward and the referee was in the perfect position to overrule the linesman who then subjected the referee to a tirade of abuse.
Dubai: Prosecutors have dropped an assault case against a football fan, who hurled a mobile phone charger at a linesman and injured his head after the latter waived his complaint.
Summary: A linesman affiliated to Dutch youth club Buitenboys has died after being assaulted by players in a match on Sunday.
But Ricardo Vaz Te had been flagged offside in the build-up before the linesman changed his mind.
* IT'S not just players who get hot under the collar in Brazil, where Fluminense's kit man faces a fine and ban of up to 12 matches for trying to attack a linesman.
London, Apr 8( ANI ): Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez has slammed linesman Dave Bryan, as he insisted Branislav Ivanovic's opener and Juan Mata's last-gasp winner in the Chelsea's 2-1 victory should have been ruled out for offside.
"Whenever you see something happen on the field of play that warrants a red card, if the linesman sees that offence they flag and flag until the referee goes towards him, tells him what he has seen and then the lad is sent off.