lined snake

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secretive snake of city dumps and parks as well as prairies and open woods

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Lined Snakes mainly occur in southeastern Nebraska and along the Platte River to Lincoln County (Ballinger et al., 2010; Fogell, 2010).
We observed Lined Snakes frequently on both Mormon and Shoemaker islands (Table 1), and they were our 5th most frequently captured species.
Large-scale changes to aquatic and terrestrial habitats on Mormon and Shoemaker islands appear related to the increased abundance of Northern Prairie Skinks, Lined Snakes, and Eastern Racers.
As noted above, western species penetrate the prairie (for example, the blind snake and Cassin's sparrow), and, like the eastern contigent (lined snake and dickcissel, for example), are patchily distributed in open grassy areas of mostly wooded environments.