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Synonyms for linecut

a print obtained from a line drawing

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engraving consisting of a block that has been etched or engraved

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Grinnell (1902a), who wrote on Alaska natives in the Harriman Alaska expedition report, contains three very small linecut figures by CBH, all initialed but not dated: on page 156, a carved two-headed dancing mask and two perspectives of a carved curved mixing bowl (both views initialed); on page 178, an Eskimo dish carved from a whale vertebra.
One is an unsigned and undated linecut on page 329, entitled "Fig.
It only contains a signed CBH linecut figure, dated 1900, of a group of fur seals based on a photograph taken by C.
Grinnell's (1902b) article on the Alaska salmon fishery includes six CBH signed and dated 1900, linecut text figures.
Dall's (1902) poem contains one CBH figure, a small linecut, signed and dated 1900.
The 240 glossy pages of Exploring contain 20 halftones, 80 linecuts and 20 maps that efficiently illuminate compelling stories of places such as Serpent Mound in Ohio and less well-known Cape Krustenstern in Alaska.