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Synonyms for lineation

the line that appears to bound an object

the act of marking or outlining with lines

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The lineation constructs forms and shapes that produce accidental and random meanings with word play and word order.
The syntax and lineation of the fourth and fifth lines produce an awkward twisting--"That at some moments fall thereon" stands as a coherent unit, completing sense and the requirements of rhyme, and describing the shadows' movement upon the face of the stone.
9 km/s) direction lay in the foliation plane in the direction of lineation.
Lyle's ridge is part of the same shoreline lineation and about five km SSW of Winameg ridge.
Interviewer: When addressing the question of lineation, Seamus Heaney once differentiated between the "strength of stunt" and the "attraction of stretch.
Foliation and lineation in garnet amphibolite are parallel to sub-parallel to those found in the mylonitic peridotite.
GIS and Hydrological studies on Mediterranean karst streams have revealed that karst views (streams and caves) have located in first fractures spot and along with lineation [55].
This information helps determine faults, cleavages, joints, mineral lineation and other geophysical properties that lead to better mapping for exploration and mine site development.
8C and D), while the shales of the Huaraco Formation only depict pencil lineation in the fold hinge (Figs.
The text is copied in a workmanlike late fifteenth-century anglicana script, in prose format rather than in verse lineation.
Furthermore according to Dobrin and Savit (1988), lineation in the magnetic contours usually follows regional geology (e g, intrusive bodies or large faults' strikes) and is thus useful in mapping structural trends They also stated that well-defined boundaries between zones having appreciably different degrees of magnetic relief often indicate the presence of major basement faults and fractures.
What supremely intelligent lineation we see here, compounding meaning.
In conjunction with his trademark ecclesiastical forms and staggered lineation, Wright's memories of driving along the old roadways of east Tennessee, western North Carolina, and southwest Virginia appear to dissolve the geopolitical boundaries of the historical South by abstracting --literally "uprooting"--the landscape into a self-reflexive image drained of all but the traces of a purportedly distinctive Southern culture.
Head wider than long, bearing closely spaced lineation and a pair of eight segmented antennae with third and fourth segment each presents a forked sensorium (Fig.