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Linear measures of atrophy, ratings of WMLs and CMBs were assessed blindly and independently by a study neurologist [MAT], and a study neuroradiologist [RG].
[10, Corollary 2.3.4]), we can see that there exists some subset I [subset] (0, [infinity]) with linear measure mes I = [infinity], and there exist some infinite sequences of positive numbers {[r.sub.n]} [subset] I such that
Let [Q.sub.1](z) [not equivalent to] 0, [Q.sub.2](z), ..., [Q.sub.l](z) be entire functions of order less than n, then for any given [epsilon] > 0, there exist a set E with finite linear measure and a constant [zeta](n-1 < [zeta] < n) such that
[A12] _____, The polynomial hull of a set of finite linear measure in [C.sup.n], J.
Since D/r is of class [O.sub.G], the conical limit set has full linear measure in [partial derivative]D.
The difference between linear measures and volume measures can be a difficult concept for young students.
The static anthropomeasures include linear measures i.e.
The problem here is that distances on the sky can't be expressed in linear measures like feet or inches.
Using capital letters for decibel and lower case for linear measures of signal power this becomes
Manufactures take-ups, coilers, payoffs, haul-off, caterpillars, spoolers, rewinders, respoolers, linear measures, and accumulators.