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Synonyms for growth

Synonyms for growth

Synonyms for growth

(biology) the process of an individual organism growing organically

a progression from simpler to more complex forms

vegetation that has grown

the gradual beginning or coming forth

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(pathology) an abnormal proliferation of tissue (as in a tumor)

something grown or growing

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The growth hormone (GH) secreted by anterior pituitary is closely correlated with the pattern of linear growth during infancy, pre-puberty, puberty and adolescence.
Imdad and Bhutta [28] The results of previous meta-analyses evaluating effect of zinc supplementation on linear growth are inconsistent.
Building on the unconditional linear growth model, an interaction between time and group was included in the fixed effects.
Two growth models in particular, however, hold promise for characterizing the achievement growth on alternate assessments: transition matrix models and multilevel linear growth models.
Studies that used locally-appropriate complementary food items rich in animal proteins and micronutrients showed a positive impact in linear growth of infants (22,24,25).
A 2008 meta-analysis that pooled results from nine studies supported that hypothesis; the authors revealed a strong association between impaired linear growth and five or more episodes of diarrhea within the first two years of life.
All six inhaled corticosteroids were found to suppress linear growth velocity during 1 year of treatment, which was the primary outcome of interest.
Of the five growth characteristics that were studied in the shoots of the Mundo Novo cultivar under IW, four (plant height, number of plagiotropic branches, leaf number and stem diameter) showed a positive linear growth pattern; the increase in leaf area followed a quadratic pattern, with a peak at the 12th week.
The effects of plant identity (n = 9; fixed factor) and frond area (covariate) on linear growth rate were tested using ANCOVA.
The common chronic conditions that follow cancer often can impact growth and development--including linear growth, skeletal maturation, intellectual functioning, emotional and social maturation, and sexual development.
Birth weight and length are likely to be within the reference ranges, but postnatal linear growth is strikingly abnormal with a rapid decline in growth velocity soon after birth.
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