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a characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something

the characteristic parts of a person's face: eyes and nose and mouth and chin

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With Bottle Creek mineralisation drilled along >8km strike length and contributing strongly to the projects Gold and Silver Resource1 the Pianto's holes were designed as an intial test of the parallel magnetic lineament.
New Jersey's Toboggan property sold to Hecla Silver Valley was comprised of the surface rights to the Little Baldy patented claims and 106 unpatented mining claims totaling more than 2,100 acres along a northwest-trending lineament of gold in quartz vein prospects within North Idaho's Murray Gold Belt.
This work includes satellite image interpretation, lineament analysis, detailed lithological and structural mapping, and soil geochemical sampling.
where Dr, Li, Sl, Pr, Ea, Lith, Fb, Vb, La, So, Re, and As are the representative symbols for the thematic weighted layers for drainage buffer, lineament buffer, slope, precipitation, earthquake, lithology, fault buffer, valley buffer, land use/ land cover, soil, relief, and aspect, respectively.
The CCSZ is defined as a Pan-African postcollisional ductile fault, as a transcontinental structure marked by folds, parallel, or enechelon relays [3], and as major lineament of the Pan-African orogen of Central Africa [4].
The major factors that influence the groundwater potential are lithology, rainfall, slope, drainage density, lineament density, and so forth.
In this study, eleven possible criteria were selected for evaluating landfill suitability which includes the major environmental and socio-economic parameters of the study area (land-use pattern, slope, distance from the settlement, distance from water bodies, depth of groundwater table, lineament, wind orientation, flow accumulation, distance from roads, distance from airport and soil type).
In Madain Saleh the lineament of time is concealed by lofty mountains painted with brilliant colors.
This process has delineated large faults at a variety of defined, approximate, assumed, and lineament conditions.
with the lesser graces, the prayer of lineament or Priam's fingers
The term lineament was first introduced by [2, 3] who recognized the existence of linear geomorphic features and interpreted them as surface expressions of zones of weakness or structural displacement of the earth's crust.
The geomorphic indices (stream-length gradient index, concavity, steepness, drainage density and lineament density) were extracted automatically using standard algorithms.
Using the lineament intersections and magnetite destruction patterns as the major criteria, 60 targets were picked up, and of the 60 targets identified, 18 were categorized as primary exploration targets.