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an employee who works on an assembly line

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Ultimately, the line worker must be not only observant but also intuitive.
The leading Japanese automaker said it regretted that an employee -- a production line worker -- had caused an accident and will sternly deal with the matter and enhance its compliance efforts.
Zhang, an assembly line worker in Chongqing, always wanted his own motorbike but could never afford one.
Vauxhall assembly line worker Paul Misson, a shift manager, said: "He was quite interested in the new vehicle we are launching.
John Hines, a 48-year-old production line worker from Shard End, said: "Everybody is praying that the loan goes ahead but it's naive to think there won't be some job losses.
Upon graduation, the students have the skills to work at NSTAR in a variety of electrical fields with an emphasis on overhead line worker. They also earn licenses from NSTAR and certificates in first aid/CPR, pole-top vault rescue, bucket truck rescue, and CDL pre-trip training, as well as an OSHA certificate, D.O.T.
But production line worker Tommy Early, 56, from St Helens, said the overwhelming feeling was one of relief.
Part-time dog breeder and Nissan line worker Perry Jones, 40, of Chester-le-Street, left the dog, which belongs to his daughter, Sarah, in the truck, but when he returned, both the truck and the dog were gone.
I mean, it's probably not even two or three miles long," says Bacon, a 26-year-old former production line worker. "And I'm hearing that I'm causing a lot of trouble around here." To be fair, she adds, "there are people who support what we're trying to do ...
Workshops included topics as diverse as Difficulty of the Front Line Worker; Residential School; Indicators of Stress; and Traditional Medicines.
But the key to the success, says director Toby Herr, is the front line worker. "That's why this system is designed to take eligibility workers and transform them into more sensitive caring and knowledgeable counselors," she says.