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a summary of the scoring in a game (usually in tabular form)

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Thus, Snellen fractions and line scores are logarithmic and cannot be directly interpreted using conventional statistical methods, so that our apparent finding of an improvement in Snellen line score for the right eye (Table 1) is in fact spurious.
The fifth column shows the probability that no duplicate line score, or coincidence, will occur; this was calculated using the birthday paradox approach and the figures from the previous two columns.
Given that the model uses only information from line scores, the authors believe that it did a credible job of identifying the most exciting World Series games.
The line score from the second game of the 1915 World Series will illustrate:
A dedicated line score scoreboard with team name message centers will measure approximately 15 feet high by 40 feet wide and will be located behind the left field fence.
I would say, definitely,'' Lackey said when asked whether he pitched better than his line score.
It wasn't an inept line score, but it was far from Marbury's best.
Sunday's line score for him: two-plus innings, nine hits, 10 runs (nine earned), two walks and two strikeouts.
See Monday's Gazette for a full weekend round-up including all the scorecards and line scores
The offensive line scores you goals, but the defensive line wins you games, and it's the same here.
Of course those Soldiers would need to have the right Army Skill and Vocational Aptitude Battery line scores and the ability to receive a security clearance.
The second change is the requirement to include the latest ASVAB line scores on all applications to facilitate the conversion process for those considering the "conversion" or "conversion only" options.
They come out, have a couple of big hits and the next line scores.
The new LED display will measure approximately 17 feet high by 76 feet wide (72 pixels high by 336 pixels wide with pixels on 68 mm spacing) and will be used primarily to present game in progress information, including line scores, lineups, the pitch count and statistics.
They need up-to-the-minute line scores, statistics, conversation and trivia -- not to mention live broadcasts.