line of vision

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an imaginary straight line along which an observer looks

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The system sits in the dashboard behind the instrument housing, projecting an image at a focal distance of 2m, so that it is seen to sit above the front of the car, in the driver's line of vision.
Not only did the Togo forward score his first goals of the season, and walk off with the match ball for the first time since his Au25 million move to the Blues in the summer of 2009, he also put himself firmly in Mancini's line of vision for the encounter with his old club.
If this happens to a profile with a very finely structured geometry, even such minor movements can cause the profile to move out of the line of vision of the cameras.
The anatomy of the eye allows transfer of the standard line of vision as the so-called one-eye or two-eye vision.
14 : the path along which something moves or is directed <It's in my line of vision.
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) recently announced iNspect Color, a new version of the iNspect software package for DALSA's line of Vision Appliances.
Had the officials stuck to that version there would have been less suspicion, but United's Lee Wilkie revealed that the story was changed and Robertson had been in Alexander's line of vision.
It soon becomes apparent that here we have a fun runabout for the young at heart through the presence of a rev counter rather than speedo perched directly in your line of vision.
The Ghost Rider also features a bubble level and a Bonus Violet LED light for maximum accuracy even in lowlight conditions (one of the biggest problems with traditional peep sights is that they have a tendancy to twist slightly obscuring your line of vision and clouding up your sight window).
I was enjoying a night out in the crowded lounge with my family as we used to do on a regular basis, when I became aware of a red dot moving around in my line of vision.
NMS Communications (Nasdaq:NMSS), a provider of technologies and solutions for mobile applications and infrastructure, has announced that it has partnered with Voiceway SAS, a provider of converged network communications solutions, to extend NMS's line of Vision and Open Access communications platforms into France and Africa.
He sees the rush, his line of vision also makes the play look like a middle screen.
If I follow his line of vision, I am led right past the painted saint to the hopeless perceptual maze into which the sleeping man and his shadow are inserted, almost like a sandwich-board cutout.
It's used like a barcode but considered superior because it doesn't require a direct line of vision to complete a scan.
These vessels haemorrhage easily and blood can leak into the retina causing spots or floaters in the line of vision.