line of vision

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an imaginary straight line along which an observer looks

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Thus, with the anterior tissues removed and the specimen properly positioned, a direct line of vision straight into the posterior tympanum was achieved (figure 2, C).
An optional Optiview mast enhances the operator's view by opening the center line of vision for a clearer view of fork tips and load.
Other rear-projection sets in the Tantus line also debuted at Dow, as did the company's line of Vision Plus 28-inch color televisions and a flatscreen widescreen projection TV.
The company's sharklike approach to acquiring every company in its line of vision is clearly evident, because shortly after the WilTel deal, industry analysts noticed LDDS salivating at the next target--IDS Communications Group.
Coun Ian Swithenbank said: "Not only are the adverts an eyesore, but in many cases they are a danger to other road users whose line of vision is being obstructed."
It means if a healthy salad is first in the line of vision, we are much more likely to have it for dinner than if the ingredients for it are stored at the back of the fridge behind a pile of fattening ready-meals.
Asked by Parky what went through her mind as she sang a sublimely version of Summertime, she replied: "Halfway through, I saw three ducks flying across my line of vision and I thought: 'I wish I had brought my gun.'"
"The CAM greatly improves the driver's line of vision by spotting oncoming objects a split-second before the driver sees them.
The former is fined pounds 250 for weighing in too light after Line Of Vision passes the post in front in the mile maiden, but is disqualified for the rider's offence.
Whenever the pitch is delivered to the throwing-arm side, the ball will cross the umpire's line of vision.
And 27-year-old Duxbury admitted: "It was an important goal, but I never saw the ball go in because my line of vision was blocked.
An upgraded control option also can be found on the full line of Vision 2000 vertical injection machines from PH Trueblood Corp., Columbus, Ohio.
In a statement, the ROP said that vehicle owners should ensure decorative materials such as posters and stickers should not block the line of vision.
You don't have to stand in front of someone to be in their line of vision. Has no one heard of peripheral vision?