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15) The contemplation seems to extend from the finitude and singularity of "the heart", in the line of verse, to the multitude and infinity of sky and sea, as rendered in the images.
4) Here the size of the manuscript (89 x 64 mm) means that each line of verse is copied as a small paragraph, but again with line endings indicated, this time by decoration.
Other people collected names of authors and composers, including, if they were lucky a line of verse or a bar of music.
In The Landlady's Dilemma each line of verse is a palindrome as in The Diagnosis:
Each screen has three windows, with a list of words on the left, occurrences of a given word in the context of a single line of verse in the top right-hand window, and, usefully, the context of the complete poem in the bottom right-hand window.
Or, on page 26, it is difficult to separate white death from white snow by a line of verse, and thus one can lose the essence of a word among life's other essences.
The source of this line of verse, first queries in these pages in 1871, has never been identified.
We have not, however, advanced very far in the analysis of a line of verse by determining its complexity.
It is based on both the number of stresses, or accents, and the number of syllables in each line of verse.
More complex problems, which the meticulous Kahle would never have permitted to appear in a published edition, include the reproduction of obvious homoioteleuta in the text, with the missing passages relegated to the apparatus; violations of meter in poetry, where the apparatus offers an obvious solution; a prose passage set out as poetry and a line of verse set as prose; and the acceptance of a case where the frustrated scribe of B has simply rewritten a passage of rhymed prose, with a different rhyme letter, to avoid an obscurity in his exemplar.
Even more basic are the functions of sound in open poetry, the units with which a line of verse is constructed and which precede any consideration of meaning.
Born in 1894, he joined the Russian Futurists, a collection of poets headed by his friend David Burliuk, despite never having written a line of verse.
This section of the book sticks strictly to literary theory, with barely a line of verse to vary the text, so that the relevance of theory to practice is not considered and the significance of this elaborate body of poetica is not assessed.
accentual verse In prosody, a metrical system based only on the number of stresses or accented syllables in a line of verse.
The title is taken from the book's final words, a line of verse by Petra, who is also a poet: "I am a snowflake and therefore I snow.