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(15) My translation of this line of verse is a fairly literal rendering.
Wales's first National Poet, Gwyneth Lewis, she of the 10ft high line of verse across our iconic Millennium Centre, put poetry into rugby.
Indeed, in an Arnoldian move, Donoghue takes eloquence to be the quality of that word, phrase, or line of verse that has "broken free from its setting and declared its independence" (44-45).
Director Edmondson and dramaturg Barry Kraft skipped freely from column A to column B and back again to find the more beautiful word, phrase, or line of verse and the more theatrically effective elements of the two texts.
(4) Here the size of the manuscript (89 x 64 mm) means that each line of verse is copied as a small paragraph, but again with line endings indicated, this time by decoration.
Other people collected names of authors and composers, including, if they were lucky a line of verse or a bar of music.
In The Landlady's Dilemma each line of verse is a palindrome as in The Diagnosis:
Each screen has three windows, with a list of words on the left, occurrences of a given word in the context of a single line of verse in the top right-hand window, and, usefully, the context of the complete poem in the bottom right-hand window.
Or, on page 26, it is difficult to separate white death from white snow by a line of verse, and thus one can lose the essence of a word among life's other essences.
So transported is he with joy that the animal spirits are nearly driven from his heart, causing him later to reflect on the truth of a verse that he recalls: 'For sudden Joys, like Griefs, confound at first.' The source of this line of verse, first queries in these pages in 1871, has never been identified.(1)
Newbolt at the height of fame ruefully complained that his reputation was ruined by one line of verse: 'Play up.
epyllionplural epylliaGreek epyllion short verse, short epic poem, diminutive of epos word, speech, line of verse
David Semah's perceptive "Poetry and its Audience According to Medieval Arab Poeticians" finds evidence among the critics for their appreciation of the significance to fine poetry of the semantic and other relationships among words in a line of verse. The papers by Hamori and Semah - as well as Joseph Sadan in his illuminating "Maidens' Hair and Starry Skies: Imagery System and ma??ani Guides; the Practical Side of Arabic Poetics as Demonstrated in Two Manuscripts" - thus emphasize some of the ways "authoritative" readers identified and understood the structural and thematic patterns of Arabic composition, on the one hand, and explicated the specific use of poetic imagery, on the other.
Even more basic are the functions of sound in open poetry, the units with which a line of verse is constructed and which precede any consideration of meaning.
Born in 1894, he joined the Russian Futurists, a collection of poets headed by his friend David Burliuk, despite never having written a line of verse. Spouting futurist verse from street corners and calling for the end of tradition, Mayakovsky and the other Futurists would roam Moscow in bizarre outfits, with images of airplanes and animals painted on their faces.