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a particular way of thinking that is characteristic of some individual or group

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And in this line of thought, Europe is our main client.
According to that line of thought we all should be mental, as we all live in the same difficult world.
In this line of thought it is worthwhile to mention how many guests seriously desire, some even demand to enter the Christuskirche or St.
It's about sitting down for a few minutes with someone who's embraced a different line of thought, and popped out on the other side with something really interesting.
Chief executive Margaret Watt is guaranteed sympathy when she states: "Convicts have claimed compensation for slopping out, so why shouldn't the NHS receive compensation for their drink-fuelled violence?" But if we follow this line of thought through to its logical conclusion, where would we stop?
Over the course of delivering presentations at several natural conferences, international seminars, and other events, Das (applied economics, Utkal U., India) noticed a convergence of his ideas and a common line of thought substantial enough that he could collect and revise the material into a coherent book.
If this line of thought is pursued and allowed to flourish, it would deem the efforts of past generations who died to save us from dictatorships pointless.
What helped me a lot was changing my line of thought, from "I don't smoke" to "I don't stink" and I am now quite well dressed as well.
"There is another line of thought that says to do complicated stuff in-house because it gives staff more of a challenge.
There's another problem with the big government-equals-unfreedom line of thought: Without government, what's to protect us from Big Capitalism--employers, for example, who want to default on pensions, dump toxins, or keep the factory doors locked?
Martin has done the Catholic community a final favour: by carrying the rejection of Catholic teaching to an extreme, he has exposed the bankruptcy of the Trudeau-Martin line of thought for everyone to see.
Following the same line of thought, Carter then tries to convince those of his readers who have a religious bent that policies commonly associated with radical liberal Democrats are indeed the morally and politically correct policies that our country should be following.
Along the same line of thought, Wetzel-Wood argues that oppression and socio-economic development are intrinsically linked with mental health.
I would like Bill Winke to consider a different line of thought on smaller diameter arrows penetrating better than larger ones.
This line of thought constitutes the second pillar of the exhibition, represented by a dialogue printed in the catalogue between Dziewior and the philosophers Juliane Rebentisch and Alexander Garcia Duttmann.