line of succession

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the order in which individuals are expected to succeed one another in some official position

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The House has been smarting from public criticisms for overlooking the vice president as priority in the line of succession for vacancy in the presidential post during the transition for the full effectivity of the new charter.
In dropping Robredo from the line of succession, Veloso said lawmakers were trying to keep the country from plunging into uncertainty that may arise from a decision by the Presidential Electoral Tribunal on the election protest filed by former senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr.
Charlotte is the first royal daughter to stay ahead of a younger brother in the line of succession. Before the rules were changed in 2012, male heirs took precedence.
Harry is sixth in the line of succession, so it is significantly less likely for him to assume the throne any time in the near future.
Last November 12, the House panel agreed to place Vice President Leni Robredo back in the line of succession.
Tom Villarin insinuated Tuesday that President Duterte's current health issues are among the reasons why the House leadership is pushing for the removal of the Vice President in the line of succession during the transition period to the proposed Federal Constitution.
The Arroyo-led proposal, which is different from the draft constitution submitted by President Rodrigo Duterte's Consultative Committee, removes the vice president from the line of succession in the transition government.
The Bill will also end the bar on anyone in the line of succession marrying a Roman Catholic, if they want to retain their claim to the throne.
According to royal sources, the Queen has "let it be known" that she is fully behind the moves to repeal the primogeniture law, which puts male heirs ahead of their older sisters in the line of succession, according to royal sources.
Under the current rules, if the couple had a son and a daughter then the son would follow Prince William in the line of succession - even if the daughter was older.
He also wanted to end the rules which gives men priority over women in the line of succession.
Sir, - The line of succession to the throne of England has gone on for centuries - when a monarch dies, the heir will follow on.
The 70-year-old Duke of Cornwall is first in the Queen's ( line of succession .
The line of succession is clearly defined by the Constitution, which the President is sworn to preserve and defend.