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According to the LoI, Easton Pharmaceuticals has 60 days to perform its due diligence and review the line of products along with any intellectual property including any patents or patent pendings which may come with the acquisition.
Small wholesalers are typically regional or local companies, many of which do not carry a full line of products, services or systems.
It offers a comprehensive line of products with specialized formulas designed to support the diverse training and nutrition needs of elite athletes, including performance sports competitors, bodybuilders, power lifters, and endurance athletes.
The formula today is the leader in environmentally-friendly cleaning and the basis of the core formula underlying the entire PUROSOL line of products, which includes cleaning solutions for optical, plasma, sport/marine and jewelry products.
in the past year, the Company acquired and integrated three companies, which strengthened its line of product offerings.
Agtech Products' new Avicorr[TM] line of products have been certified by OMRI for use in "Organic" and "All Natural" poultry production.
In addition to parking gates, Invisa is currently developing a similar line of products based on its patented InvisaShield(R) technology for the overhead, garage and industrial door markets and for the museum security market.
United Agri Products markets a comprehensive line of products, including chemical, seed, and fertilizer, to growers and regional dealers.
PCBC represents Open Energy's first trade show and interest from the building community in the SolarSave line of products has been considerable.
As part of 3M Health Care, 3M Skin Health offers an extensive line of products in the areas of skin and wound care, IV therapy, dressing and device secural, and skin closures.
In addition to the initial production deliveries for CXR Larus here in the United States, our French subsidiary, CXR Anderson Jacobson ("AJ"), is in active discussions with Hitachi France Manufacturing in Orleans, France to potentially produce CXR AJ's line of products.
We are honored to have the opportunity to exhibit our FootPrints line of products at the 2006 NLIT Summit," said Mark Krieger, President of UniPress Software.
manufacturer of Malibu (R) Solar Lighting, has exclusive distribution rights for the Solar Night Flower line of products.