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"I believe the most beautiful line of poetry that you can read is one that has perfect rhyme, form and meaning.
The values are highlighted by a line of poetry, which the designer was inspired by.
If you look at each dance movement, each stroke of the pen or brush, each line of poetry, or sheet music, all contain patterns made up of simple elements that culminate in an elegant, ordered expression of thought and concept.
Yet nowadays the cost does not come in the form of a proverb, a line of poetry, or even a sectarian polemic.
Remixed by connecting his ideas to a line of poetry penned by the American poet Marianne Moore.
WOLFF: It's literally like I think a line of poetry and I don't realize it and then I think, "That's a line for a poem," but it's never like a thought.
In Arabic the word for "home" is the same word used for a line of poetry; Saldana writes that Arab poets speak of making a home in poetry.
It is understandable that not every translated line of poetry warrants the presentation of the original (especially given the large quantity of poems discussed), but sometimes it is absolutely necessary to do so.
On the headstone was written a well-known line of poetry by Lord Byron: EUR[pounds sterling]So weEUROll go no more a-roving".EUR.
Enpipe Line is a 1,173 kilometre line of poetry, written collaboratively to create cultural resistance to Enbridge's proposal and similar projects.
For a long time, I had no idea what better poets meant when they talked about a good line of poetry. It seemed to me that one typed away at a poem until it reached a width of, say, three inches.
The eyes inevitably moved from page to image, from a line of poetry to the loafing, skinny-jeaned androgyne with a skateboard.
A line of poetry on tile hem of a floral handkerchief.
Has there ever been a stirring line of poetry written about the sooty combustion engine?
For example, more emotion may come into play in a line of poetry than in any other kind of writing.