line of march

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the route along which a column advances

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the arrangement of people in a line for marching

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'When you know your own Regiment a trifle better you won't confuse the line of march with line of battle, Kim.
By a mere chance one of the officers drove back for another good dinner at the Club (cooking on the line of march is always bad), and there I met him.
We were placed in line immediately behind the President and the Board of Overseers, and directly afterward the Governor of Massachusetts, escorted by the Lancers, arrived and took his place in the line of march by the side of President Eliot.
Shortly afterwards another body came to the charge, and again having failed to make any impression, this line of march was entirely given up.
The Battalion had a drum-and-fife band, formed the latter end of 1915, who sometimes played selections when we were out of action and also when we were on the line of march. They stayed with the transport when we were in the line.
As in previous years, the New York City Police Band will be in the line of march.
Women were running out to the line of march, crying and laughing and kissing the men good-by.
Still the crowd kept pouring in and when the clock in the city hall boomed nine, every point of vantage along the line of march was taken, while the late comers who kept arriving by the hundreds surged aimlessly up and down the narrow spaces available or wandered along side streets seeking for some place where they might squeeze in and witness the parade.
The army seems to have forgotten how to close with the enemy by way of the "attack from the line of march." Defending Afghan police posts won't win, nor will a strategy of "clear, hold and develop."
All business, with crisp commands guiding the line of march from cemeteries to war memorials in the villages of Wheelwright, Hardwick and Gilbertville, Mr.
Instead of coalescing as a single Marxist Leninist revolutionary vanguard, the various "pre-party" groupings peeled off and each established its own, true variant of Marxism-Leninism: the Revolutionary Communist Party, Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist), Communist Workers' Party, Democratic Workers' Party, Communist Labor Party, Communist Party USA (Marxist-Leninist), and Line of March, to name some of the more prominent sects.
In the Royal Welch at this time no good soldier would ever dream of falling out on the line of march unless he was ill with fever.
Thus they cannot endure the "line of march" with the same ruggedness as men.