line of inquiry

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an ordering of questions so as to develop a particular argument

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"Officers are following a positive line of inquiry and working with the relevant partners to improve the security of the site."
"There is a line of inquiry that everybody agrees is worthwhile pursuing."
In their latest line of inquiry, detectives are interested in contacting anyone who bought the distinctive suitcases, described as being a large lilac "Starburst" trolley case, costing pounds 30, fromTJ Hughes inWrexhamsince January this year.
This line of inquiry directly addresses differences between women and URMs as categories of students.
But a Metropolitan Police spokesman said today: "This is not a strong line of inquiry."
Police said they were treating the deaths as suspicious and following "one particular line of inquiry".
Through a gendered line of inquiry, she demonstrates that it is not only the imperial instruments of power that keep the workers of Asian "tiger" economies beholden to US corporations: the role of the dutiful daughter is highly complicit in these economic arrangements.
However, he didn't pursue the line of inquiry, which languished until Florey and Chain and their team at Oxford University took it up 12 years later and developed penicillin as an antibiotic They won a Nobel prize in 1945 for their effort, but today it is Fleming whose name is usually associated with the penicillin discovery, while Florey and Chain have taken a historical back seat.
Other scholars have taken this fruitful line of inquiry with Vaughan, but West substantially furthers and complicates the narrative of "Vaughan's deep, biblically coded lamentations" (3).
Kathleen Gilje's line of inquiry is anything but unfamiliar.
The committee's line of inquiry was clear enough: Had Babbitt, on behalf of a major Democratic fundraiser, denied a 1994 petition by a group of Chippewa Indian tribes to launch a gaming operation in Western Wisconsin?
However, this line of inquiry is inappropriate in light of post-Five Star Supreme Court decisions such as Woodward (397 U.S.
Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said his investigators are following one remaining line of inquiry.
Scotland Yard said the girl is not a line of inquiry and it has requested the sample to confirm statements made by New Zealand police that the girl is not Madeleine.
A possible line of inquiry is that the family were not the intended target of the attackers.