line of flight

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the path along which a freely moving object travels through the air

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Alex's gaze's movement as well as the doll's limbs in the background, along with the camera's refraining from mirror to window, foreshadows the narrative development to come: her line of flight will have its vantage point precisely in that side window.
The concept of the line of flight opens Deleuze's philosophy to the force and figure of suicide.
AND is neither one thing or the other, it is always in-between, between two things; it's the borderline, there is always a border, a line of flight or flow, only we don't see it because it is the least perceptible of all things.
If the antenna used for Sar is pointed not at right angles to the line of flight, but at some intermediate angle between 90 degrees and the line of flight, Sar techniques will still provide an improvement in resolution that will be useful for ground-mapping purposes.
As you mount the gun, your first move should be with the muzzle, sweeping it along the dove's line of flight and holding slightly below the bird so you don't obstruct your view of the target.
T]hey produce n molecular sexes on the line of flight in relation to the dualism machines they cross right through" (A Thousand Plateaus 276-77).
Move their feet to the ball and get their body square to the ball's line of flight as the catch is made.
Under the newer, more accurate, civilian signal, a GPS can help you mark the blood trail, giving you a line of flight.
The focus on one stratum only, excluding the others, may be necessary to the reaching of a line of flight.
Line of flight is the arc made by each foot while it is in the air.
These AMA solutions will be marketed under the brand FLYHT, in conjunction with L-3's industry-leading line of Flight Data Recorders (FDRs), commonly referred to as aircraft "black boxes.
a) designated in the plan ignored the line of flight,
Another tangential line of flight linked to the reminiscences inspired by Sandra's journal was my reading of Tompkins' (1996) memoirs of her experiences from grade-school student to university professor.
Valencia 204, Hart 204: Valencia lowered its own school course record at Vista Valencia GC by three shots but wound up in a nonleague tie with Foothill League rival Hart of Newhall when sophomore Tracy White was assessed a one-stroke penalty for removing a removable distance marker that was in her line of flight.
Egofugality" is nothing less than an evolutionary proposal, according to Hasegawa--the individual's liberation from itself on a line of flight toward a collective intellect.