line of flight

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the path along which a freely moving object travels through the air

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The spaces we were working in were not ideal but by expressing difference and doubt we could "outmanoeuvre" (Deleuze & Parnet, 2002: 143) the limitations and stay in movement, knowing that "it is always on a line of flight that we create, not, indeed, because we imagine that we are dreaming but, on the contrary, because we trace out the real on it" (Deleuze & Parnet, 2002: 136).
The concept of the line of flight opens Deleuze's philosophy to the force and figure of suicide.
The line of flight is characterised by a primacy which is ontological and not chronological: it 'does not come after, but is there from the beginning, even if it awaits its hour, and waits for the others to explode'.
The new 'Escape Pass' has been launched by Air Canada (AIDIF.PK) as an addition to its line of Flight Pass products allowing multiple journeys across North America.
An osprey suddenly alters its line of flight. A sharp crack shatters the silence.
This is why it is always possible to undo dualisms from the inside, by tracing the line of flight which passes between two terms or the two sets, the narrow stream which belongs neither to the one or the other, but draws both into a non-parallel evolution, into a heterochronous becoming.
Wilkinson said: 'The Doris method changed the emphasis of where I was aiming and it really made me kick through the line of flight of the ball.'
Here, the radar antenna is directed to the side of the aircraft, often at right angles to the line of flight. Every second, an aircraft flying at a speed of 600 kt travels for a distance of around 300 metres.
After a summer of target shooting, when you look at the dove and judge its line of flight, you assume it's going to keep going the same direction at the same speed.
Consequently, surrogate families and nonfamilial communities become the "tribal" escape from the blood family--sometimes as a true line of flight leading away from familial constraints, frequently enough as a road back into new, "para-oedipal" struggle and dependency.
She added: "The man was standing in the safe area behind the line of flight when a beginner made a wrong signal, causing the aircraft to enter the safe zone.
A North Wales Police spokeswoman said: ``The man was standing in the safe area behind the line of flight when a beginner made a wrong signal, causing the aircraft to enter the safe zone.
She is an abstract line, or a line of flight. [...] The only way to get outside the dualisms is to be-between, to pass between, the intermezzo--that is what Virginia Woolf lived with alt her energies, in all of her work, never ceasing to become.
This line of flight branches out and produces multiple series and rhizomic connections.